Monday, December 31, 2007

List link

This'll save me some time. But sometime in the very near future, I will do my own list of things 2007. It was a great year, and I am sure 2008 will be just as wonderful!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Great Book

I went out and bought the book co-authored by Michael Smerconish and Maureen Faulkner the other night. Good book so far, detailing the murder of Danny Faulkner 26 years ago, and the insanity that is the justice system in that the murderer, sentenced to death by a jury, is still alive and holding protests from his jail cell. Anyway, over at American Thinker is an article that deals with the racial undertones in this case, put forth in a way that most people would be afraid to do. I am going to link the article, but so I am not called a hypocrite, so I am on record as standing for my convictions, I will write here that Mumia is only alive today because of his race. If he were white and Faulkner black, he would be dead.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Which River?

Which river? Seriously, which river is Zakk Wylde talking about in the song In this River? It is a good song, written before one of his buddies was killed by some nut on stage, another guitarist, but now Zakk dedicates the song to him.

    I ask the question because the refrain is: In this river all shall fade to black.
So, is it the river of life? Or one of the rivers of Hell? Oh, you only know of the one? The river Styx? Oh, wait a minute, you don't even know about that one? C'mon dear reader, get with it, there is more to life than politics and Gorebul Warming, there is history, literature, and poems that would rock your world…if only the time was taken to discover them.

    Paradise lost, and regained. Or perhaps Greek mythology, or, perhaps, even futher back and further away. Now, there are more than the one river, there are five of them that wind around the underworld, or so it is told, and they separate us from them, the living from the dead, the good from the evil.

    If Zakk refers to the river of life, he is mistaken about it all fading to black, it only fades if you let it, if you give in, give up.

    Light is at the end, hope and love…

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Taxes gone wild

Okay, it has gone far enough. This is just insanity. How can people thinking this manner? I just hope that this turns around before it costs humanity in ways we can not recoup. If we allow these insane thoughts to prevail, the lowest common denominator will rise up and take over the world, and we will all rue the day we taxed babies.

Good news

Ahhh, more good news from Iraq. Funny, you will not read about this in the inky or the ny times!

Monday, November 19, 2007

A question

So I have a question for my three readers, now two I think 'cause I can't post more often. If Chavez can call for an oil war to hurt America, why can't we just head on down to Venezuela and take the oil fields back for the companies that used to one them? Ya see, Hugo, in all his socialist glory, stole the oil from legitimate companies, while others simply stopped investing in Venezuela. The take over was completed in July, but the LA times article is archived and I am not going to pay for something from that bird-cage liner. Chavez has also declared himself president for life. This is all insane, the world is becoming insane, and we are letting it happen by being way too stinkin' politically correct. If we had leaders that would stand up to these thugs, this would not be happening. It seems that the Jimmy Carter way was not killed by Reagan, just postponed for a little while and now embraced by even those that consider themselves republican. Grrrrrrr…

Friday, November 16, 2007

More Good

I wish I had the time or even the energy to keep this up to date. I have missed so many good stories, they just keep coming, like this one!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More good news from Iraq

I just wish the media wasn't so hell-bent on us losing this war. They are all heady, thinking they can cause the millions of death they caused in the 70's when they lied to the American people about the facts on the ground in Vietnam, and it is hurting our brave men and women in uniform. Well, Michael Yon has been blogging from Iraq for quite some time now, and this story is what should be on the front pages of every news paper tomorrow. Go read it, favorite his blog, and learn what is really happening on the ground in Iraq.


I can like U2 again!!!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Good CA Fire News

This is a rather touching story, in the good news sort of way! It seems that a group of Iraqi Soldiers collected money for American Soldiers that had family in fire ravaged California. This is exactly opposite what you will hear on the regular news; this story won't even make Fox. It does not bleed, so it does not lead.

Friday, October 26, 2007

This is Cool

More good news you won't find in the regular media. The only article linked from Google on this was a UK Times online story…it figures. It seems that 24 tons of steel from the World Trade Center Buildings has been melted down to be used in three new American Warships. The USS New York, the USS Arlington, and the USS Somerset, all named for locations of the attacks on September 11, 2001. Gotta love America!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


More good news. Do a little research, dear reader(s). The Dream Act is nothing but a sham for amnesty and would give tuition breaks to illegal aliens that we as Americans do not enjoy. I found it interesting that Arlen Specter actually voted against his Democrat cronies on this one, I guess he needs to pretend he's a republican once in a while.

Read This Book

I am currently reading The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and The Crusades), by Robert Spencer. I link it cause I think everyone should buy it. No, you do not have to buy it from the site I linked, buy it on eBay, get it from your library, or heck, since I know all of my readers, borrow the darn thing from me!

It is one mans take, sure, but it is well documented, and painstakingly researched. It gives one some insight into what we in the West are facing from the rising Caliphate. Now, I am not in any way demeaning those Muslims that understand the Koran can be interpreted in a way that creates a peaceful religion, I am demeaning those that take the Koran to heart and desire the rest of us to either convert, submit, or die.

Read as much as you can, learn, and apply that learning to life. It is that simple really, but do not get blinded, either in worrying everyday about this, or ignoring it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fred News

I watched the debate the other night on Fox…not bad, one of the better debates so far. Hunter impressed me as did Huckabee, and it seems that Rudy has it all sown up. But wait, Fred is planning to announce an immigration platform…I think I might like it. Yeah, I am still pulling for Fred, I would like to see his no-nonsense approach in the White House, but, I am willing to get on the Rudy bandwagon if need be.

McCain has lost me, he lost me with McCain-Feingold and his support of amnesty for the illegal's. Mitt just seems so darn fake, sure, he's a good looking guy and won the Governorship of Mass, but what part of his soul did he sell for that position? He flops more than Kerry, and I do not like that. Fred has been the only consistent candidate, in the top tier, and that is what we need. Ron Paul s a loop job, but some of his libertarian views I could go along with, it is the 9-11 troofer stuff that gets in the way of him being a serious player.

Giuliani/Hunter or Thompson/Hunter, either one of those would be fine with me!

Friday, October 19, 2007

It’s nutty

As for the punishment of stoning a person to death, are we as Muslims supposed to also follow the rule of Jesus whom said "Only those of you who are sinless may cast the first stone"

As for the punishment of stoning a person to death, are we as Muslims supposed to also follow the rule of Jesus whom said "Only those of you who are sinless may cast the first stone". Or can someone who has sinned stone another person to death?

Answer 6881





The Bible is replete with additions and inconsistencies. We are compelled to adhere to the Qur'aan and Hadith as our source of guidance and not the abrogated teachings of Eesa (Alayhis salaam).

Every human being except the Ambiyaa (Alayhis salaam) is a sinner. If we apply the aforementioned principle to the punishment of stoning, the penal code of Islam will fall apart. In short, sinners can also stone adulteress to dead provided the punishment is carried out within the Islamic framework of the penal code.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa




I know, I said I was gonna be 'happy', but in my search for good things to write about the state of affairs, I found this site. I am slowly beginning to see the religion in a different light. As far as I know, this is a valid site, with many boring examples of religions edicts and advice. There are also many 'answers' that promote violent jihad, and this one, condoning the stoning of an adulteress…c'mon Hollywood, support this religion a little more!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


More hypocritical insanity from a school system. The 'zero-tolerance' nuts that will suspend a kid for having Ibuprofen in a backpack will now give birth control to 11 year old students. Here is the quote that drives me nuts:

Although students must have written parental permission to be treated at Portland's school-based health centers, state law allows them to seek confidential health care and to decide whether to inform their parents about the services they receive, Belanger said.

Gee, didn't anyone see this coming when they began the "practice of providing condoms as part of its reproductive health program…"? I know that kids will be kids, and experimentation will happen, but isn't this just another form of hiding from responsibility for actions? We should be teaching kids in health class just like science class, for each action, there is an equal and opposite action, in other words, there are consequences to decisions.

Oh, and let us not forget that parents are removed from this equation, just more of the 'village' mentality towards raising our children. I had an opportunity to move to Maine, I love the state, and will continue to visit, but they will not get my kids!

Good News

I promised good news, here is some, with a link that really should be checked weekly or so, this site carries the good news. It seems that the favorite team of Baghdad teens is the Armored Cavalry!


Wow, I have written before that we just can not understand the World if we continue to look at it from our own perspective. Take this quote to heart, dear readers, and imagine living like this. How would your view change, how would you perceive what we in America perceive to be normal day-to-day tasks?


"The organisation is dedicated to providing toilets to nearly 730 million people in India who lack them."


…"2.6 billion people worldwide who lack toilets…"


The world number is just about 40%, considering a population of 6.6 billion.

The India number is 64% based on a population of 1.136 billion.

The article does not say how many in the United States are living without a toilet, but I would imagine the numbers do not even come close to these figures. Something we take for granted is a luxury for 40% of the world…rather interesting.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Useless prize

Well, I am sure that Nobel is spinning, spinning in his grave right now, if he has any energy left to spin after the list of insane peace prize winners in the past 15 years or so. That list includes a terrorist (Arafat), an idiot (Carter), a lying, conniving, nuclear watchdog (ElBaradei), last year's tree planting woman from Africa whose name no one will ever remember, and now, the one, the only, The Goracle. Yup, Al Gore has won the Nobel Prize for Peace for his unfailing work at making himself money. I have linked to so many debunking sites regarding Gorbal warming that this next one is simply icing on the cake. In the same week the leftists on the Nobel committee awarded the prize to the world's most hypocritical environmentalist a Judge in England has found that the 'award winning documentary' is so full of lies and half-truths that in order for it to be shown in schools it must be countered with honest science. So, who is right? Well, we are lucky to be able to live out the next twenty years till the environmentalists start whining about the next ice age again as they did back in the '70's.

Monday, October 8, 2007


For Rami Khader Ayyad


Faith is strong

Stronger than the immutable laws of physics

That bind our bodies to this earth

As faith binds our souls

For a short time

Then escapes the steely grip

Leaving behind a shell

For the quick to ponder




Rami Khader Ayyad was a Christian living in the Gaza Strip, a nightmare of a place in the Middle East. He was killed, stabbed and shot, most likely for not being muslim. I am not going to link the article as it is written by some Associated Press idiot that…well, I am not going to link the article.


Ya see, this morning I spent time in service, time I needed to spend, and it felt good. Then, I read an article that showed the spirit of the American Family, that is linked here. It is a Vanity Fair article, kinda tough to deal with the clicks, and I don't think anyone can read it without crying.


Then the article above, the one I will not link, Google it if you must, and someone on a blog answered a question like this:

re: #11 ointmentfly

That guy must have had a huge pair....

No, just Faith.


Which led to the above poem, good or bad, it happened and here it stays.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Another Day

It has been hard, this 'happy' way of dealing with what is going on. How can folks run around with their heads in the sand? I am trying to deal, day to day, and, on a small personal level, things are great. Had a good Saturday, we hit an auction with tools, a used book sale, interspersed with two little league games. Finished with a b-day party with family and friends which was great, then to bed as work called early today. I awoke around midnight in time for the Charlie Manuel " Gee, I guess we lost" press conference that ended the Phillies season, oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


Then, this morning, on NPR is " Voices in the family" with three liberals doing the mental gymnastics needed to explain the massacres (this link will give you some of the details, but not all) in Burma (Myanmar). There is a military Junta in charge in that country, and I am having trouble locating the actual religion of that junta. The sate run newspaper has this quote from the article I linked: ""Monks must adhere to the laws of God and the government," the paper wrote. "If they violate those laws, action could be taken against them." This mention of God in the quote makes me wonder. Considering that Buddhists do not acknowledge "…the one true unchangable God…", what God is the article referring to? Further research shows that the Junta is mostly Buddhist as well, so this is a very strange situation. The mental contortions of the NPR folks trying to remove the religion from the story was my main point though, as they do that whenever Islam is involved as well. It seems the only time that NPR will mention the religion of someone particularly nasty is if that person is Jewish or Christian.


Then, when I get to work, the September copy of National Geographic is on the desk at work. The cover story is Islam's fault line: Pakistan. I pick it up to try to learn what is going on over there and guess what? It is all the fault of the United States! This, coupled with the news that the surge is working in Iraq, something you will not hear in the press, has me back on the political kick.


I am not going to be depressed though, I am going to find links to the good stories out of Iraq and try to link them, there are great Milblogs that can be linked, there are wonderful tales of the United States armed forces helping people in other parts of the world that we never hear about, I am going to try to find those stories, and I am going to scour the local news for positive signs.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

A small explanation

I will try hard not to post the depressing stuff anymore, that does not mean that my head is in the sand though, I still visit the news sites, I will still visit, and post, on LGF, and I will continue to read as much as I can about all that is going on in the world. Occasionally I will post something about current events that scares me, but mostly I am going to try to find the positives, the displays of human kindness that still exist in this world. If you dropped in here hoping for some insight to current events, that is great, leave a comment and we can discuss whatever is on your mind, but if you want to get yourself inundated with the depressing stuff, the link to LGF is on the right side of the page. LGF is a great way to catch up on the news of the day, a wonderful blog with great members, and the only source, in my opinion, for what is happening regarding the Global War on Terror. Here, at Stonepoet, you are going to have to read many posts before I write about that stuff again at any length.

Life in General

Hey now, I think I may have 4 readers now…too cool! Anyway, There is a lawsuit about to start that shouldn't even have been allowed to be filed. When will we, as a nation, stop allowing stupidity to clog the legal system? Quick question: if you eat undercooked meat, can you get sick? Yeah, I know, easy answer, but to some, I guess the idea of cooking meat is foreign. So now, there is a lawsuit pending because 25 people have become ill. I know, e coli is a bad thing, I test for it in the water every day at work, but, not cooking your meat, then suing the company that packaged that meat is insane. I could almost understand if, say, 1% of the population of a state, or of the US became ill, but 25 people? C'mon, more than that get sick at Church picnics every year, or at backyard barbeques. Now a business is going to have to spend money they could have spent on cleaning the processing plant of lawyers. Oh, I just hit on something, the only people that get any money out of a class action suit are the lawyers, so maybe, just maybe, some judge will come to the conclusion that these insane lawsuits should stop.


Rant mode off.

Reading one of the poetry books today was fun, interesting, and thought provoking. The other poetry book I bought, however, left quite a bit to be desired. A poem should be understandable after being read no more than twice, if one has to read it three or four times, the point is lost, and frustration sets in. Some of my poetry is for me only, I would never dream of publishing something that only I would understand, so why do other poets? I have always felt that it is a form of superiority complex, a 'look at me, I am smarter than you 'cause I wrote something you do not understand." Of course it then follows that those that claim to understand this poetry, or abstract art, are trying to make themselves feel that same superiority over those of us that realize that jumbles of words, or splotches of black paint actually mean nothing at all.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Kinda, Sorta, Happy

Staying in the 'happy' mode, I visited a used book store today. I love them, the shelves packed with musty old tomes, the aisles dangerously lined with tottering piles of printed knowledge. I hit the history and politics section and picked up a couple of oldies in the interest of learning more about the growing pains of America. Then, off to the poetry section where I found a nice first edition of Homeward to America, the first offering of poems by John Ciardi, published in 1940. Wow, great stuff in there, written by the son of Italian Imigrants. This foray into obscure poets always brings a smile to my face and thoughts to my cluttered mind, much needed thoughts. I love to find a gem of a line from a poet that no one knows. For instance: The spread maps leave no gap: it is done: / There are no Americas beyond this and Atlantis known / A graveyard from a poem entitled 'Continent's Edge'. Telling, this line, at least to me, and here we are, doing our best to squander what those before us have paid so dearly for.


What happened to the poets that loved this Country? That loved their fellow man, foibles and all? It seems now to be a celebrated poet one must complain about something or scream for the overthrow of the oppressive yoke of the American government. Of course, these poets are screaming while accepting money from the government they are debasing, money that the government has taken from hardworking Americans.


Grrrr, I started happy and now my head aches. Perhaps a walk in the waning moonlight with thoughts of the weekend, with a planned trip to an auction or two and the anticipation of finding more books!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Happy stuff

Hmmm, I am tired of the negative stuff, tired of trying to make folks see the truth, fighting the Main Stream Media types who do nothing but parrot the Anti-American left. So, I am going to be happy for a while. No Gorbal warming, no terrorists, no Democrats, just me and a keyboard. Stick around if you want, but understand, I am not giving up on America, I am just going to post a little more positively; for my sanity as well as the sanity of my 3 readers!


For what it is worth, since my post regarding seat-belts, and the ensuing chastisement, I have worn the darn thing. I am now one of the legions of people who will get in your car and put my seat-belt on…it is a habit now, and I thank the one close to me who pointed out the irrationality of my feelings on this issue. I am wearing it for them, not for Pennsylvania though, that I stand by!


October in Philly, usually a time to begin watching the Flyers, think about the Eagles a little, and discuss the end of the Phillies season…not this year, this year we can continue to root our Phiting Phils on as they take on the Colorado Rockies in the first round of the National League Playoffs!!! So much excitement from a simple game, I enjoy the smiles this team has brought my family, and, even with the nail-biting last weekend, the baseball has been a treat to watch.


The trees are gonna turn real soon…this is my favorite time of year…until spring, when I post that that is my favorite time of year. I can be fickle, I know it, and I deal with it, so should you, dear reader(s). Crisp mornings, bright sunny warm afternoons, and the promise of stone walls…what more can a guy ask for?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Busses 2

These are the pictures that should have been below...


Now…I posted below that there are moderates in the religion of Islam, but these two pictures just don't work. Both pictures are the end result of Muslim activity on a London bus. I really do not think that they should have chosen busses to try to get the message out….oh, and the message is not for other moderate Muslims, the message is for non- Muslims. Yeah…it is the non-Muslim that is wrong to be afraid of Islam…I can't figure out why!

Sunday, September 30, 2007


How 'bout we think about charity for a minute or three. Most likely you have donated something in the past year or so, and I am venturing a guess that you have donated more than once. I have, but on my own terms, and in my own way.

I believe that 'charity begins at home'; and in that vein, I run the Cub Scout pack my sons belong to. Giving my time to help a group of young boys grow and mature. Of course this isn't considered a worthy enterprise anymore, but those of us involved wouldn't have it any other way. Through the scouts, I have also donated food to shelters, toys to the marines for Christmas, and countless hours of labor in local parks.

All of that is charity. The United Way; that is not charity, that is a huge business that doles out money to charitable organizations. UNICEF; not charity, but a multi-national socialistic movement, stealing more money than it distributes. All of these other large organizations, with maybe the exception of the Salvation Army, are no longer charities.

A charity is ALL volunteer. Back to the scouts, only the local packs and troops fall under my umbrella of charities as the district councils now have paid staffs. The monster groups I mentioned have hundreds of paid employees, and it has been disclosed that the upper management of these organizations make salaries that rise into the millions. Am I the only one that finds this unbelievably, incredibly, stupid? Why would you give money to a group that will take half of your money for 'overhead'? I can't even imagine it, not knowing where the money goes. You wouldn't simply give a shop clerk cash and accept whatever he or she decided to bring you, so why donate money to one of these monstrosities?

Now I know I am going to hear about how cold I am, but I have already mentioned that I give, sometimes till it hurts, literally. If more of us would pitch-in in this manner, instead of the 'feel good' company donation during December, there would be no need to pay someone millions to run the United Way, there wouldn't be any need for those monsters, and this Country would move just a little closer back towards where we started. Helping ones neighbor has never been wrong, but now we get tax write-offs for it, now we get bombarded by television commercials where multi-millionaire sports figures smile and tell us how it works. No, it starts right here, right in our own towns, in our own back yards. Keep that cash local, support your volunteer fire department, or give to the boy or girl scouts, at the pack or troop level, or pull a few weeds at the local park where you walk your dog.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

They are out there

I have been claiming that there are Muslims out there that are not terrorists, and usually when I do, I am chastised. I agree that there are not enough of them, and they are not loud enough,, but, when I am chastised from this day forward, I will point to this link, in this post.

Congressional Insanity

Although the article I link here is about…Uhhh…Gorbal warming, I am actually going to rant about something that struck me right in the face when I read the piece.


"I'm trying to have everybody understand that this is going to cost and that it's going to have a measure of pain that you're not going to like," Rep. John Dingell, who is marking his 52nd year in Congress, said Wednesday in an interview with The Associated Press."


It is the red stuff that should make our blood boil. 52 years in Congress? What the heck is that all about? How can the people elect someone 26 times? Do people not understand that things change, that people change, and that having the same representative for 52 years is not a good thing? Sheesh..if you were 18 when you first voted for this guy you are now 70. You worked your whole life and he liveed off of your taxes, and now he wants to kill your grandkids with even more taxes.


Okay, term limits would require a constitutional amendment, right? NO, they require an informed electorate. We are a representative democracy, we choose who goes to Washington, they do not get the job for life, as this guy has. We CAN change the election laws so they do not favor incumbents, we can make it illegal for incumbents to do anything campaign related when on the clock. That's right, NO campaigning when Congress is in session, no speeches, no appearances, nothing. Incumbents get the press, incumbents have the name recognition, and, if the incumbent is doing a good job, they will be reelected, period. Secondly, NO money should be allowed to be spent on an election that does not come directly from the constituency that the candidate would represent, simple as that. No move-on money, no Soros money, no ACT money, no union money, and no 'big-oil' money would flow to a congress-person, or a candidate for congress. Any money spent would have to be raised locally.


Grrr..this one burns me up.


"It is not by the consolidation, or concentration of powers, but by their distribution, that good government is effected." --Thomas Jefferson: Autobiography, 1821. ME 1:122

Well Heck

Well heck, if I still have any readers, you are expecting me to mention Gorbal warming. I will, 'cause it is so fun to poke the pet of the leftists. The 'scientists' that have been hollering for us to stop burning just about anything also make the claim that 'big oil' funds all the science that debunks Gorbal warming. Pure projection I have always maintained, as those scientists were funded by leftist groups. Now that has been proven. Look, I have said it many times, the Earth warms and cools, get over it.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Okay, my take on the Speech

The speech started bad, and went downhill from there, I am referring to the President of Iran (I cannot spell his name, so I will not try) talking at Columbia University today. He started with a prayer he has used many times before, calling for a:

"hasten(ing of) the arrival of Imam al-Mahdi and grant him good health and victory and make us his followers and those to attest to his rightfulness."

Christians pray for ourselves and our loved ones to be ready when Christ returns, not the speeding up of his return. As wonderful as the rapture will be for Christians, Christians also understand the death and destruction that will precede and follow that rapture. We do not call for that as the President of Iran does.

Next he rambles about how science is religion and religion is science, something quite few people have missed, especially on the left side of the political spectrum. In his words:

"The nature of man is, in fact, a gift granted by the Almighty to all. The Almighty led mankind into this world and granted him wisdom and knowledge as his prime gift enabling him to know his God. "

"The first words, which were revealed to the holy prophet of Islam, call the prophet to read, quote, "Read, read in the name of your God, who supersedes everything," unquote, the Almighty, quote again, "who taught the human being with the pen," unquote. Quote, "The Almighty taught human beings what they were ignorant of," unquote."

"Therefore, according to this definition, science is a divine gift and the heart is where it resides. If we accept that science means illumination, then its scope supersedes the experimental sciences and it includes every hidden and disclosed reality"

That is three quotes where he mixes science and religion, where is the leftist outrage? He then went on to equate this to the way in which Holocaust denial is treated. Now, I do not think that just saying the Holocaust did not happen should result in a jail sentence, but it did happen, and it cannot be denied by someone who claims to be a professor, and this man does.

The speech went on, but there is only one more quote I am going to bring here…

"If the root causes of 9/11 are examined properly -- why it was happened, what caused it, what were the conditions that led to it, who truly was involved, who was really involved -- and put it all together to understand how to prevent the crisis in Iraq, fix the problem in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

Now, why did he not just come right out and claim that either Bush or the the Jews were behind the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001? The left has called this speec a brave move, but is was the ranting and propaganda of a lunatic. This man should have been arrested for his part in the hostage taking 28 years ago, he should be speaking to us from his own jail cell, but, since that is not going to happen, and he knows it, he should at least have the balls to say what he means without dancing in circles.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Tammy did a Much better Job than I finding stuff

Awww, heck, just go read it…

Columbia and Anti-American Bias

It is time, time to start blogging again I guess. The fact that the President of Iran, thought to be one of the kidnappers way back in 1979 is going to be speaking at Columbia University has been nagging at me. This is a place that will not let ROTC on campus, that in itself should ring the hypocrisy bell, but it actually raises a few questions. One wonders if David Duke would be invited to speak at Columbia, or the Minutemen, or Daniel Pipes, or Robert Spencer. These are just a few that the left in America has branded as racists hate mongers, and, with the exception of David Duke, none of them have called for the destruction of an entire country. I added Duke, not because I like his views, but because I do not. I firmly support speech, not matter how vile, and am on record as calling for the end to 'hate speech' legislation. Ahmadinejad should be allowed to talk anywhere, but those that invite him would then need to invite opposing views, or at least face the repercussions for stifling opposing views.

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Letter to Mr. Specter

Mr. Specter,

It was with great relief that I read of the demise of the Immigration Bill you were attempting to foist upon the American people. Amnesty is no solution, it didn't work in the eighties, and it won't work now. Your support for this bill was disgusting, but of course, what should we expect from you? You have voted with Liberals more often than with conservatives for way too long, and I sorely regret voting for you in your primary 5 years ago. I will not make the same mistake again, having a junior Republican, or, heck, even a democrat would be easier to stomach than you. I found it hard to understand why you would support a bill that gives law-breakers more rights and benefits than tax-paying citizens enjoy. My only thought is that all of you in Washington, D.C. think we are stupid; well, we're not, we understood just what the bill was, and we roared, as we will continue to do until all of you are gone from office. You took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States, and you neglected that duty. I will be personally mounting a campaign to have you removed from office, as soon as legally and constitutionally allowed.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dead Bill

Yes…the amnesty bill is dead for now, perfect. Maybe they can start enforcing the laws on the books until another insane bill is written by people who have no clue what it means to work for a living in America.


Okay, I read more of the amnesty bill, it is HORRIBLE. Yeah, I like my Mexican buddies, which might make me a hypocrite, but this bill is going to destroy this Country. Senator Sessions (R) Ala. has a list of 20 loop-holes. Now, if the staff of a Senator can find 20, don't y'all think the lawyers of the ACLU are going to be able to find at least 100 more? This is trash…just the fact that these people do not have to pay taxes for the years worked illegally makes my blood boil. Can I please have my taxes back? Really, I paid them, but it seems I shouldn't have. Or how about the fact that there is currently a federal law that requires educational institutions to offer the same benefits to citizens that it offers illegal aliens? Well, forget that silly law, now a person who has been breaking our laws can simply pick a state and get in-state tuition rates. Look, the immigration system is messed up, but it is messed up because the current laws are not being enforced, why are we to believe that any of the good parts of this bill will be enforced? Go to Senator Sessions website to read about the 20 loop-holes he found, he did a much better job than I am doing.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Can we now call her a socialist?? Please?? Just read her quotes:


"Fairness doesn't just happen. It requires the right government policies."


"I prefer a 'we're all in it together' society," she said. "I believe our government can once again work for all Americans. It can promote the great American tradition of opportunity for all and special privileges for none."


These two quotes come from an article about her speech to the Manchester School of Technology, and prove once and for all that socialism is on the way.


I will be the first in line to buy an ABC bumper sticker next year, we can not afford to have another Clinton in the White House.

What is he up to?

What the heck is our President doing? First, he tries to foist this insane immigration bill on us, a bill that would cripple the US economy, kill union jobs, and destroy any semblance of a UNITED States, then he sends a diplomat to negotiate with terrorists.


Of course, we are all too stupid to understand the bill, right Mr. President? Well, I read most of the darn thing, as boring as it was, and even had to go back and read one of the older bills to see what was being replaced. Now, this is not going to change anything, it will just make it easier for the illegals to stay here, and make it easier for them to take our jobs. For those that say this is a good bill, GO READ IT, it will fix nothing. It relies completely on 'self-reporting'…what the heck incentive is there for an illegal to 'self-report'? a $5000 fine? A trip home after 6, 8, or whatever years? And we don't enforce the laws now, what makes anyone think this one will be enforced? Oh, and for you bleeding hearts out there, 24 hours to background check an illegal immigrant, and three days or more to background check a citizen so they can exercise their right to own a handgun…yeah, that's fair.


On the terrorist negotiations…I can't even begin to write about it, it makes my eyes bleed, and there isn't enough duct tape in the pick-up to keep the grey matter inside my skull. It Time agrees with it, it is most certainly a bad thing.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Immigration bill

Somebody had way too much time on their hands and put the whole immigration fiasco (bill) online. Go here, read some of it, and then take my new monthly poll…

Sunday, May 20, 2007

More Gorebal warming

Science is the attempt to make sense of the world around us, and, in that understanding, help us live better lives. Cutting edge science is the discipline that goes against the current 'consensus'. Think about it…Einstein set out to prove older scientists wrong, and scientists have been trying to prove Einstein wrong for years. The very first scientists were trying to prove religions wrong, and still are today, with some of the very best advancements coming out of those attempts. Now, as I predicted, since the 'consensus' is that humans are causing global warming, there are more scientists setting out to disprove that insanity. Another one popped up last week. From the article:

"However, carbon dioxide as a result of man's activities was only 3.2 per cent of that, hence only 0.12 per cent of the greenhouse gases in total. Human-related methane, nitrogen dioxide and CFCs etc made similarly minuscule contributions to the effect: 0.066, 0.047 and 0.046 per cent respectively.

"That ought to be the end of the argument, there and then," he said."


That sure will sound familiar to those three folks that read this blog…we simply can not change the earth in the way that the nut-jobs say we can. Age old attempt to prove that humans are stronger than God, something that will never happen.


Hey y'all, 22% of registered voters in Chester County voted last week, great, super, thanks for taking the time. However, those 22% actually make up about 10% of the eligible voters in Chester County, 10%. That means that 10% of us decided to kill Act I, a good thing, but the politicians are looking at those numbers and grinning all the way to the money printing presses. If only 10% of the people care enough about a stupid tax scheme, then they know they can pass almost anything. 90% of you seem to be happy with allowing government do what ever the heck it pleases, and that is how dictatorships start, that is how we lose the right to vote.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Hello dear readers, all three of you. I have been embroiled in Research and Business statistics for the past few weeks, hence, the lack of posts. Add that to Softball, Baseball, and the Snack Bar, and well, one busy dude. Now, though, I may be back. I will try to do a little more writing with the new posts as well.

Why I want Fred

This video, of Fred's rebuttal to Michael Moore's request for a debate is priceless, it is perfect, and it is why we need Fred as the President of the United States, not someone who simply asks Ron Paul to 'take it back'.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Veto Time

So he did it, congratulations Mr. President, there may be a spine in there somewhere. Of course with the presidential veto comes the insanity from the other side.


"Blunt talk from Joe Biden, picked up by C-Span answering a man's question at Jim Clyburn's fish fry April 27 in Columbia, S.C.

Biden is asked what he'll do when Bush, as is expected, vetoes the Iraq funding bill.

First, he talks about his son, and the equipment soldiers need -- "The idea that we're not building new Humvees with the V-shaped things is just crap. Kids are dying that don't have to die."

And: "Second thing is, we're going to shove it down his throat.""


From a video at

Maybe Mr. Biden should think before he speaks, the disrespect is unbecoming an elected official.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


So, I have been lax in posting, busy, busy bee that I am. Today, we are going to delve into Anarchy. Anarchy is defined as:

  1. Absence of any form of political authority.
  2. Political disorder and confusion.
  3. Absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose.

This is from, and is a rather simple and standard definition. Read down the page, and you will find various forms of Anarchy. This site is proud of the historical connection between Anarchy and Communism, with a heavy leaning towards Marx and Engle, and there is another definition as well.

So, now we know that the anarchists, those who sport the symbol of the circle with an A in the middle, would like to see the devolution of governments, believing that humans will take care of themselves.

Sorry, humans will not take care of themselves, they never have. There will always be the strong, there will always be a leader, and a group to follow that leader. Think about it, the Anarchists join societies to promote anarchy, societies with leaders…DUH.

Sounds fun, but it is a form of life that will result in senseless suffering and death as the more evil among us take advantage of the lack of enforced rules. Of course, the lack of rules is a rule in itself, and the laws will be simple survival of the more cunning, the more heavily armed. I find it rather funny that the anarchists also tend to be leftists, and that leftists tend to be anti-gun for citizens. Think about that, no guns for us, more guns for them!

I wonder how many young folk know what they are supporting when they adorn themselves with the symbol for Anarchy?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The picture that should be below

If this works, this is the picture from the post below, from GAC

I’m Second Generation, I can post this

Stole it from grouchy old cripple, who borrowed it from some dude named Barney. Go to GAC's site, he can be cranky, but he makes sense.

I never tire of being right

As predicted in the post below, the scientists are coming out. If you don't feel like reading the article, it basically tells us that the argument over Gorebal warming is a waste of time. My favorite quote is:


"Patterson explained CO2 is not a pollutant, but an essential plant food."


The scientists in the article bring up the fact that if the Gorebal folks were right, we should all be fried by now, but, no such luck. These scientists point to the sun as the cause…go figure.

Carbon credits are a fraud

Gee…who didn't see this coming? And of course, now that the few brave scientists have come out of the closet, the flood gates are about to open on Gorebal warming! The left, and the lap-dog, chicken little media will fight it of course…until it is popular to say that humans are causing the next ice age---again

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bush to use veto

I hope he means it, he promised he would veto the campaign finance debacle, and did not. He also seems to have never met a spending bill he didn't like, and signed on to the no child left behind boondoggle. Let us all keep our fingers crossed that the President has found his back-bone on this one.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Harry is Dumb

Harry Reid is stupid. There, an ad hominem attack from me, something I didn't think I would do. However, this could actually be a compliment, because the other option, that Harry Reid is a traitor that cares nothing for the brave men and women who wear the uniform, is much worse. He told us the war was lost, and I blogged it, then Senator Leiberman responded with: No it's not, give the troops some time. Now Mr. Reid comes back with this, and I have to pull the quote, it is so insane, so obviously hypocritical, so, well stupid.


"The longer we continue down the President's path," the majority leader told colleagues in a Senate floor speech, "the further we will be from success."

He also pointed out that Democrats generally agree with him.

"In an effort to shift attention from this Administration's failed polities – and I say that in the plural – the President and his allies have repeatedly questioned whether I and my fellow Democrats support our troops," the majority leader told fellow senators. "No one wants us to succeed in Iraq more than the Democrats. We've proven that time and time again since this war started more than four years ago. We take a back seat to no one in supporting our troops, and we will never abandon our troops in a time of war."


So, in sentence one, Reid calls the troops losers, than goes on to swear he supports them. Well, he also wants funding cut, he wants us to surrender. Another quote from an article:


"Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada is joining Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wisconsin, in sponsoring a new Iraq bill that would end the majority of Iraq war funding after March 31, 2008, the day Senate Democrats originally proposed pulling troops out of the war-ravaged nation."


C'mon Mr. Reid, let the military do their thing, let the President do his job, which is to over-see the military. It is not the job of Congress, if it were supposed to be, it would be mentioned in Article I of the Constitution, not Article II, which grants the President the title of Commander in Chief. Holding the purse strings does not equal authority, and it is further proof that the Government should NEVER try to run anything, they should go back to abiding by the Constitution.

Uhhh…Gorebal what???

Will they ever learn?

Do these people never learn? How can an elected official in a government be so destructive? So, Harry thinks we have lost, and we can chalk up another on to the Dems and the peaceniks. Let's see how that worked out in the '70's. When they turned their backs on the troops in Vietnam, where the military NEVER lost a battle on the ground, how many were killed? Pol Pot gets credit for 1 to 3 million, thanks to the USA. The North Vietnamese get credit for 1 million in the years following the war, but that number is disputed by UC Berkeley, of all places. So I am going to link that site, because they discount the 'political' numbers, and still come up with 65,000 executed, and countless more starved.


When will the left realize that loss and appeasement DO NOT WORK. Just because you believe in touchy-feely peace stuff does not mean you enemy does. We are fighting an enemy that wants to destroy western civilization, they have stated that over, and over. When will our left realize this? Hey, here's a thought for my lefty readers, if the board of directors of the company you work for would run around spouting the doom and gloom that Harry Reid spouts, how long would that company be around? What if your product was the best in the World, everyone wanted it, and it sold well, yet the CEO was shouting from the rooftops that a competitors product was better, even though many studies had been done proving him wrong, would that CEO be around long?


We live in the greatest country in the world, the strongest and most free, no amount of protest can destroy it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Corzine and Rendell, Birds of a feather

It seems that the governors of PA and NJ share more than their party affiliation. Corzine, of 'do as I say, not as I do' fame (may he recover fully) was being driven by a State Trooper in a Government SUV at a speed of 91 MPH. This from a man that recently tried to LOWER the state speed limit…I guess that would have only been for the little people. Now, why do we continue to allow our elected officials to abuse power in this way? Rendell has been caught in a speeding car here in PA, he is the chief executive, the man charged with enforcing our laws, and he breaks them.

You would think we would be tired of this, the DUI's that are brushed under the rug, the infidelities, the drugs, and the absolute arrogance. What we need to realize as citizens, we allow our leaders to abuse the power that we give them by re-electing them no matter what they do…maybe it is time to vote some of the bums out!!!

I am not the only one who sees it

In a effort to back up my ideas regarding the censorship that is going on, I now link to someone who will really confuse my resident lefty. I happen to know the personal leanings of this Author and Radio personality as I have read her books, and she doesn't hide her proclivity. She actually tends to believe that she chooses the lifestyle as well…go figure, personal choice. Anyway, Tammy Bruce may not be the perfect 'right wing zealot', but she is someone who helped me see that some of the ideas of 'classical liberalism' are some of the ideas of conservatism, personal choice being the most important, not having the government tell us what to do, or what to say. Check out the video, read her books…she's pretty with it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nanny state revisited

Well now, don't really know where to start so I will just jump right in. I picked the wrong example to point out the hypocrisy of the Nanny State. There, WRONG, yup, an example that when looked upon in a different light, shows me to be selfish.

So, I wore my seat-belt home tonight, and will wear it in the future. I will remain adamant though that I am not wearing it because the state tells me to, I am wearing it because someone I care about very much asked me to.

I will find many more examples of the hypocrisy foisted upon us by an increasingly left leaning government, don't worry about that, there are plenty of them out there!

Censorship, the global way

Okay…here in America, the left is silencing people for offense comments, see below posts with linkage to several examples, and in England, Colleges are pandering to the followers of islam, censoring speech so as not to offend. If you don't feel up to reading the article, the most important part, aside from the inane forced apology is the plan on setting up guidelines in the future so as not to offend anyone. It continues folks, censoring speech, and it will not stop. Oprah has climbed on board the victim train as well, I didn't see the show, or read a transcprit, but what are the chances she asked Sharpton about the Tawana situation. I will ask again, who is stronger of spirit, a group of women who are second in the Nation in basketball, or some aging shock jock? By dragging this out, the media lap-dogs of the left have given Imus way too much credit.

Question of any left leaning readers

Hey…I dropped this question in a comment on the past post, but what the heck, maybe more people are reading this than I think.

Name one social program that the Federal government has run more efficiently and with more compassion then a private sector charity. Good luck!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nanny State

Ahhh, the 'do as I say, not as I do' nanny-state democrat gets caught not wearing a seatbelt. I hope, and pray, that the man recovers fully, and that he returns to his family in good health. I also hope the New Jersey State Police issue the citation to Governor Corzine for not wearing his seat-belt. I have been driving back and forth to the shore for most of my life, and it was so annoying to have to put the darn thing on when we crossed the State line. Of course, now PA has joined in nanny-Ville, so I have given up complying. As soon as motorcycle riders have to put the helmets back on, I will wear a seatbelt. I really don't care if some idiot wants to ride a motorcycle without a helmet, I heard all the arguments, and disagreed with most of them, especially an argument that over 35 MPH a helmet does no good anyway (tell that to a Motorcycle racer, they seem to think the helmet is a good idea). I don't want the state to make me wear a seat-belt, simple as that. If I choose to wear it, fine…don't force it on me.


Shouldn't she be back working? The money for the war is running out, troop time in country is being extended, and it is her fault, now she is doing the Hollywood thing? Oh, and let's not forget she does not even know where the real war is. Even her friends are starting to dislike her. This is what the country gets when the uniformed make decisions. I wish more informed people would actually get out and vote.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Insanity


I guess CBS radio, the largest radio group in the us, with 179 stations in the top 50 markets covering news, rock, country, oldies, jack and urban formats, now has to unload all those rap artists, stop playing rap music, and fire any personality that offends ANYONE. Those basketball players are no better than you and I, they work hard, we work hard, they go to school, we go to school, they breathe, we breathe. This is reaching the insanity point. But no, the black women are more equal than we are, people need to be fired if they say anything bad about them. Then there is Al Sharpton, the most racist man alive, except maybe Jesse Jackson. These people are no more the arbiters of morals than I am. This has gone on long enough, when will the Country see what is happening? Oh and let's not forget this quote from Al.. "SHARPTON VOWS MORE: 'It is our feeling that this is only the beginning. We must have a broad discussion on what is permitted and not permitted in terms of the airwaves'..."


It is never gonna end folks, until we make it stop. I have written, said, and even screamed…we do not have the right to NOT be offended. Grow up, deal with it, and try to remember what we were told, well, at least until the '80's, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."


Let's face it, CBS had every right to fire the idiot, as I stated yesterday, but they need to be consistent, and they need to be held accountable for that consistency. Plenty of CBS personalities abuse people, heck, Dan Rather still claims that those fake documents were real, slandering the President of the United states. But then again, CBS didn't rest on the Killian Document laurels, but even tried to scare the public into thinking Bush was pushing for the draft to be reinstated, when in fact it was Charlie Rangel and a bunch of Democrats.


GRRRRRR…enough of this.


Well at least the democrats don't like Hillary either, according to a straw poll at I linked a stoy regarding the poll, I won't link you to Moveon, they drive me nuts. Formed during the Clinton impeachment to attempt to sell the country on the incorrect idea that the impeachment was about sex, Moveon has not moved on. Those of us that are very afraid of a Hillary presidency can be slightly buoyed by the fact that the radical left hates her. These nuts have been tearing her apart for months. Of course Kos does not have a search feature so finding the proof is a little tough, thank goodness for Google. Read the article and the comments the far left is not going to let her win a primary. Of course if I were Kos, I would be considering things, wouldn't want to end up like Vince.

Philly Murders

Now we have gone too far. Maybe, just maybe, the fact that criminals are never punished, that guns are being taken away from citizens, and that the welfare culture is pervasive in Philly, with the inherent sense of entitlement, could be the reason for the rising murder rates. Maybe the crime that pervades the Philly government is simply spilling on to the streets. It sure as heck isn't Gorebal warming.

Bacon as hate crime

This is going too far, this needs to stop, and it better stop soon. I have been saying for years that PC is censorship, that hate crime legislation will lead to thought crime legislation, but I never thought that putting the two together would lead to this

Wednesday, April 11, 2007





So we have come to the point where some groups are more equal than other groups. I predicted this, in editorials, and in an essay I wrote about two years ago. This idiot has been attacking people for years, but now he has attacked a protected group so he is dumped from MSNBC. Never mind that the top ten rap songs this week are more insulting to women than what the idiot said, never mind that last week Rosie called our President a liar and accused the government of destroying a building in NYC (with no proof of either statement), never mind that the officials of cair lie all the time, and are in the midst of attempting to smear the names of law abiding citizens, no, we are now lesser humans than a group of college athletes.

Am I defending the idiot? I don't know, I sure would defend his right to say anything he chooses to say. I just think that way too much was made of this. If those athletes take anything the idiot had to say to heart, and have ignored all the platitudes heaped upon them, well, maybe they are not as strong as we are being told they are. And he didn't say they were ho's, he said they looked like ho's. There is a huge difference; one is comedy, the other an insult. Oh well, down the path we go, blindly allowing these special interest groups to mold our thoughts, to censor our speech. I, for one, will not refrain from saying anything that I believe, I guess I am lucky that I don't make a living insulting people the way that idiot did.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Just some Fred Thompson Info

I have picked my candidate, as you can see by the button on the side of this blog. Mr. Thompson is the man we need now. President Bush almost got it, he almost had the Country behind him, then he fell to pressure. What that pressure was I will never know, but he is beginning to wimp out on us. There was a flash last week when he began to rip on Pelosi, but even that was soft. We need the Fred Thompson that wrote this. It is incredible, I suggest anyone that is on the fence regarding the Republican Candidate, go read that statement. If you are a democrat, go read that statement and learn a thing or two about honesty, integrity, and foresight. In 2002 Fred knew we were at war, he knew it would be a long, hard fight, and he was prepared to fight. In this statement he points out how setting up the department of homeland security would be difficult, not because it was a new idea, but because government needed fixed. In reading his statement, I was finally excited about someone for the coming election, heck, I am even happy he isn't in the mess right now, wasting time and money. No one is going to remember what transpired between now and next December come January when it is time to vote anyway.

Check this out

Your Vocabulary Score: A-

Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!
You must be quite an erudite person.

More proof of Gorebal Warming

Okay, I was informed that I should change the spelling of Gorbal Warming to Gorebal so it is more understandable. Then I was informed I should put the Gore in quotes…maybe these informers should get their own darn blogs!! Just kidding, they are my only two readers of note, and the only two to comment, thank goodness for Family. Well, it seems that Gorebal warming is causing this, and this. Could it possibly be that the Earth I simply going through the normal changes that we as humans will never understand? C'mon, we have been here for such a short time, how the heck can we say that we are causing a trend?

Friday, April 6, 2007

I thought it was all about the oil

A quickie: War for Oil???

Boycott this Stuff

I think I mentioned Rosie and her insanity, and here is a quick up-date. Please go to and sign the petition. There are over 20,700 as I write this. I expect it to hit a million. There are other sites to visit also, mainly the one that has the list of advertisers of The View so you don't have to watch it to know who to write to. Please, let's use the power we have as consumers to let it be known that we will not pay to hear this drivel. What I am looking for is the clamor from the left about her right to free speech, unlike what the left did to Dr. Laura. I purposely linked to a story that was in favor of shutting Dr. Laura down, so the complete hypocrisy can be shown. Maybe someone else, other then me, with my two readers, will point out the hypocrites, unlike the Dixie Chicks situation. Once again, a story that is told from the left perspective. Am I the only one who sees this? When the Maines says something stupid, the Chicks lose money, and they cry…when Dr. Laura says something stupid, she loses money, and the left cheers…double standard in my book.


I did some more looking, if you go to Hot Air, there is a great list in the comments with all the advertisers, I am not going to paste it here, that would be a tad illegal…


More hypocrisy from our government. Not just the Dems this time either. This guy stole a bunch of documents from the National archives to sell on EBay, old papers that were of only historical value. Sure, it was theft, and the dude should go to jail, but what about Sandy Berger? He stole documents relevant to National Security and got a slap on the wrist. I guess the old bull about being powerful keeps you out of jail no matter what is alive and well in America; I just wish it didn't apply to traitors.

It was needed

'Cause I just had too….

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

2007 Hurricane Predictions

Just for fun, I am going to link to this article, and I am going to quote the predictions here, so I can look back. I didn't copy last years predictions, but they were dire, end of the world stuff, and it turned out to be one of the calmest seasons on record. Not one major Hurricane landed on the US, not one. This, at a time when Katrina is one of the favorite talking points of the human causation of Gorbal Warming crowd.

"Forecaster William Gray said he expects 17 named storms in all this year, five of them major hurricanes with sustained winds of 111 mph or greater. The probability of a major hurricane making landfall on the U.S. coast this year: 74 percent, compared with the average of 52 percent over the past century, he said.

Last year, Gray's forecast and government forecasts were higher than what the Atlantic hurricane season produced.

There were 10 named Atlantic storms in 2006 and five hurricanes, two of them major, in what was considered a "near normal" season. None of those hurricanes hit the U.S. Atlantic coast — only the 11th time that has occurred since 1945. The National Hurricane Center in Miami originally reported nine storms, but upgraded one storm after a postseason review."

There, recorded for posterity!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Stem Cells


I am going to touch on an issue that I know very little about. I have done a small amount of research into the issue of stem cells, and the furor surrounding it. It is a fact that Bush was the first President to ask for money to continue Embryonic Stem Cell research, he just limited the lines that could be used with federal dollars. There, that argument is shot, you all know the one, where Bush outlawed stem cell research. Now, other research has led me to understand that mature stem cell research is leading to great things, while embryonic research is going very slowly, or nowhere at all. It stands to reason that if something is going to be breakthrough, people would throw money at it, in the hopes of becoming rich, well, that is not happening with the embryo side, but it is on the mature side, enough money that heart valves can now be made. Notice that the article only mentions "stem cells", not mature stem cells. Then, deep in the article, after reading the words "stem cells" many times, do we find that "By using chemical and physical nudges, the scientists first coaxed stem cells extracted from bone marrow to grow into heart valve cells." And that:

"Growing a suitably-sized piece of tissue from a patient's own stem cells would take around a month but he said that most people would not need such individualised treatment. A store of ready-grown tissue made from a wide variety of stem cells could provide good matches for the majority of the population."

One almost gets the feeling that there is more to the stem cell debate than caring about cures. Could the religious right be correct that the issue is abortion? That the left wants to make stem cell research the reason for legal abortion? Interesting, something to keep in mind when thinking about this stuff for sure.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Left wing nuts

These are the people that want to take over this Country, that think they know it all, and have better ideas, ideas they never seem to put forward. I linked to huffpo again, but this time I am also going to pull a post. This one is right at the top as I type here, the very first post I was met with regarding our President calling for the release of the British Soldiers; not calling for bombs mind you, but echoing other 'strong condemnations', which in essence is nothing anyway.


*&^% you, Mr President. You have absolutely no right sermonnizing to anybody about what they ought or ought not to do, you stupid, ignorant *&^&**&^ psychopathic piece of *&^&, sir.

By: gcallaghan on March 31, 2007 at 08:43pm

Flag: [abusive]

This drunken psycho is just itching for another war. As Sean Penn said about bush's two drunken pieces of *&^%, *How dare they not be in uniform*

By: SFer on March 31, 2007 at 08:54pm

Flag: [abusive]



Okay, that is enough, you get the picture, I did not cherry pick, the coherent posts are maybe one in twenty, seriously, but don't take my word for it, go read that drivel. Read it now, unless you are under the age of…well, under the age that really foul language is not for you to read.


Those on the left need to begin to distance themselves from the blog posters that are spewing this hatred. It is hatred, there are posts there that call for the death of not only Bush, but for his entire family, as well as that of Dick Cheney. And we are always told the left is the compassionate, accepting, non-judgmental bunch, yeah, and Islam is a Religion of Peace.

First in a series, the Amendments

Amendment I

The first ten of the many amendments to the Constitution became known as the Bill of Rights, and were ratified at the same time as the Document itself. These are the amendments that drive our society, that give us the freedoms we enjoy, as well as take for granted. We will start at the beginning and work our way through not only these amendments, but all twenty-seven of them. I am not going to pretend that I know the thoughts of the folks that wrote the amendments; I didn't live when they were ratified, so I know only little about society at those times. Sure, I know history, and can converse with most anyone about the different times this Country has gone through, but for these essays, I am going to simply put the amendments in the context of today.


Amendment one, safeguarding the freedom of speech and religion, has recently become one of the most abused amendments. The first line in the amendment, frequently referred to as the 'establishment clause' has been re-defined to ban government from ever mentioning a religion. This is not what is written. It says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;" Basically put, the government can't tell us what religion to practice, and can not ban us from practicing the religion of our choice. This does not mean that kids can't pray in school; this does not mean that Christians, Jews, Muslims, and many others, are homo-phobes when they say that Homosexuality is a sin. It gives us the freedom to worship as we choose, and, not worship as we choose. An atheist can not demand that their lack of religion trumps any other individuals' religion.


"or of abridging freedom of speech," Wow, how simple is that? We can say what we want, using common sense, such as not yelling 'fire' in a crowded place, and not face repercussions for our words. Of course, lies can be prosecuted, but opinions can not. This absolutely does not give anyone, no matter what minority or special group they belong to, the right NOT to be offended. It is inherent in any society that all people will disagree at some time, and these minority groups need to get over it. Speech can not be punishable, and should not be punishable, even if the word hate is uttered. Hate is an emotion, therefore an opinion, therefore protected. When one truly looks at the new version of 'political correctness'; one finds censorship. Using gender specific stereotypes is not sexual harassment, it is just stupid, or, on some occasions, plainly the truth. Oh, and money is not speech, money is money, it doesn't come from the mind through the mouth or pen, therefore it is simply money.


The next little part of this amendment "or of the press" is self explanatory. Freedom of the press, we all learn that in grade school. Is it taken to extremes at times? Sure it is, but that is the trade off we live with, and most of us are quite happy to put up with arrogant reporters that refuse to reveal sources that might solve a crime. The alternative is a press that is run by the government, afraid to cross the party line. I know I don't want that, and I am sure the majority of us don't want that.


Assembly and redress, fancy ways to say we can get together, march, and tell our government, or any other institution that we are not happy with policy. This is a biggie; this gives the KKK the right to march right beside the Black Panthers, the Pro-lifers along with the Choice crowd, and the NRA alongside the gun banning groups. None of this assembling and redressing guarantees change, but it sure feels good to do it, to be a part of a group, to try to affect change.


The First amendment, much maligned, yet so important. Attempting to discern the mood of the Founders makes no sense, not when the words are so clear. We can worship, speak, write, and assemble as we please. These basic rights keep this country free and the government on its toes!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

It’s Unconstitutional, That’s Why it’s Wrong

Well now, Ms. Pelosi is in the Middle East on a 'fact-finding mission'. Do we realize why it is called a fact finding mission? For the simple reason that it is unconstitutional for an elected member of the Federal Government to attempt diplomatic relations with foreign nations. Yeah, illegal, wrong, and a slap in the face of the sitting President, no matter the President or the party of the traveler. The constitution clearly states, in article II, section 2, that the power to appoint ambassadors resides in the executive branch, not in the legislative branch. In article I, section 6, it clearly states that no member of congress can be appointed to any civil office, which covers ambassadors.

These fact finding missions are in violation of the constitution, they need to stop. These trips hurt our Country, as opposition parties have begun to use them for political reasons, to one-up a sitting president, and heck, that is just wrong. We have a very precarious standing in the world, as the only super-power, as the richest nation, and to have our elected representatives traveling to the shores of our enemies, as Ms. Pelosi plans to do, should actually be labeled as the treason it is.


I have to touch on Iran and the British Sailors again, as I am still confused by the issue. England scurried around the UN looking for one of those useless condemnations from the security council, the kind that no Country has ever taken seriously, and was rebuked in their efforts. The UN did issue the dreaded 'strongly worded letter'(STW), but fell short of condemning Iran for its obvious violation of the international law the UN is so fond of pretending to care about. The EU did finally realize that ignoring the situation was probably a bad idea, so they issued their own STW. The Geneva Conventions are also being trampled on by Iran, in a manner much more blatant than our trampling in Club Gitmo, and the UN seems to not care. The obvious double standard is driving me nuts, is driving the right wing nuts, while the left is positively beside themselves with glee. I would copy and paste the comments here, but I am trying very hard to keep this blog family friendly…that means if you click through, be prepared to read the foul language that is extremely common on left wing blog sites.

Now, these troops are being paraded for propaganda purposes, and the left does not care, actually, they seem to think, if the posters are any indication, that the troops deserve it because they carry the flag of England. I hate to think it, but I would venture to say that if the 15 were American, they would be treated like that dailykos dude treated the contractors that were hung from the bridge in Iraq…"Screw them" is what he said. The world is topsy-turvy, the American left believes the Iranian Government, yet thinks everything our President says is a lie. Maybe if the Iranian President had mentioned the Weapons in Iraq, weapons Hussein had used on Iranian troops, the left wouldn't be whining about the war!

Oh, and what ever happened to the three Israeli soldiers that were kidnapped by Lebanon, and the soldier kidnapped by the Palestinians, you know, the ones that were going to be released if only Israel would stop bombing Lebanon and pulled out of Gaza? Yeah, trustworthy opponents, and the World spins on….

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Socceriztion of kids

Soccer is socialism, simple as that. At their peak, professional soccer players are athletes, yes, I agree with that, but to drop a ball on the grass amidst a mob of screaming kids, that is insanity. Soccer, and the popularity thereof, runs in spurts. Parents are caught up in the 'fairness' of soccer, and the obvious lack of any skill needed to play the game. Baseball, softball, lacrosse, hockey, basketball and other real sports require at least rudimentary skills to be fun, while soccer requires only showing up. Every kid gets a trophy for showing up, every kid gets praise for winning, or losing, it really doesn't' matter, 'cause no one keeps score anyway.

This is leading somewhere, honest…socialists, or as they are called in America, Democrats, have been attempting to force our children to be socialists for years now, mainly in the classrooms and gyms of public schools. Dodge ball is gone, picking sides is gone, some want grades gone, and the classes are taught to the lowest common level, stifling the more intelligent among us. This is socialism, equality of outcome, not of opportunity, but the teachers, and the democrats, have been hiding behind other terms. Now, though, a group of teachers comes right out and says that 'capitalism is bad' so we are going to force our politics on the kids. You have to read the whole article, there are quotes in there that will make your head explode!


"This is my favorite: We also discussed our beliefs about our role as teachers in raising political issues with young children. We recognized that children are political beings, actively shaping their social and political understandings of ownership and economic equity — whether we interceded or not. We agreed that we want to take part in shaping the children's understandings from a perspective of social justice. So we decided to take the Legos out of the classroom."

How CAIR is trying to destroy the Country, and who is helping them

Okay, we all know the story of the Six Flying Imams, and the fact that they wanted to be kicked off the plane. Well, most of us now also know that they are suing, with the help of the CAIR. I sent you to the actual CAIR site, so you can read who they are in their words; of course, this site will tell you who they really are. The suit includes the passengers that were scared out of their minds by the yelling, screaming, and requesting stuff the Imams did not need. These passengers were simply exercising their right to feel safe on an airplane, something they all paid for. Let me say now that airline travel is a privilege, not a right, so anyone that wants to complain about profiling, or civil liberties go back to KOS or DU where the line between rights and privileges is always blurred. The U.S. House last night held a vote on this issue last night, trying to safe-guard people who are acting in the interests of security from frivolous lawsuits, much like a whistle-blower statute. Please click on this link to see how your representative voted on this most important issue. It should be well known by now that the jihadists will use our legal system against us, all with the goal not of equality, but of supremecy.

They are not our Friends

Okay, so why are the Russians, our allies, reporting on this? What is wrong with the world? Is it just to stir the pot? We are not ready to invade Iran, all of the talk is hype, more left-wing posturing, the straw-man argument. The British have a problem, sure, and if they back down, like Jimmy Carter (the worst President in American history), it will only embolden a rogue regime, just like in the late '70's. I can't believe that Russia has done this, there is no good that can come from reporting this, even for Russia, that just found out that Iran says one thing and means another.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cool Straw Poll

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The Senate spends it too!

When will they stop spending our money?

Water Stuff

I found something interesting on the company website today, so I went to the source, copied the whole thing, and will also link it here. The highlighted paragraph is the one that caught my eye. Simple feel good legislation that means absolutely nothing. At first I was mad that the Government was going to spend my money so others could have sewer, but then I realized that the whole darn thing is a scam. Now I am wondering how much of the rest of the pork is never 'appropriated', and who gets to decide what is paid for…I really don't have the time for this, but this may be interesting.

Two Water Bills See Action, Opposition

The House of Representatives voted 367 to 58 March 7 to approve a bill, H.R. 569, that would authorize $1.7 billion over five years to repair and replace sewers. As this was happening the White House said, "This excessive authorization will distort market signals by discouraging utilities and their consumers from moving toward full-cost pricing, as they have elsewhere."

The Water Quality Investment Act of 2007 (H.R. 569) would authorize the Environmental Protection Agency to distribute the money in grants to states and municipalities for reducing sewer overflows from FY 2008 through FY 2012.

The $1.7 billion figure is slightly less than the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved in committee in February. An amendment was offered to bring it to the lower funding level for budget austerity reasons. Still, at $1.7 billion the funding level is higher than the $1.5 billion Congress authorized in 2002, after adjusting for inflation.

While Congress has authorized such funds before, they have never appropriated for them, so no such grants have ever been given. Also it is unclear when or if Congress will consider such legislation, and the administration has signaled it may veto the bill if it ever reaches the President's desk in its current form.

Another bill, the Healthy Communities Water Supply Act (H.R. 700), which would authorize $125 million for a pilot program for alternative water source projects, was approved March 8 by a vote of 368-59. The bill would reauthorize an existing program under the Clean Water Act under which the Environmental Protection Agency would disburse grants over multiple years to fund projects intended to increase the usable water supply. Eligible projects include those designed to develop innovative ways to conserve, manage, reclaim or reuse water or wastewater.

Similar to H.R. 569, though Congress has authorized such grants in the past, they have never appropriated funds for them. Also, the White House has voiced budget concerns with the bill and hinted at veto if H.R. 700 reaches President Bush's desk.

Both H.R. 700 and H.R. 569 were not considered controversial, and Democratic and Republican committee members were taken by surprise when the White House issued two statements opposing both bills.