Thursday, June 7, 2007


Okay, I read more of the amnesty bill, it is HORRIBLE. Yeah, I like my Mexican buddies, which might make me a hypocrite, but this bill is going to destroy this Country. Senator Sessions (R) Ala. has a list of 20 loop-holes. Now, if the staff of a Senator can find 20, don't y'all think the lawyers of the ACLU are going to be able to find at least 100 more? This is trash…just the fact that these people do not have to pay taxes for the years worked illegally makes my blood boil. Can I please have my taxes back? Really, I paid them, but it seems I shouldn't have. Or how about the fact that there is currently a federal law that requires educational institutions to offer the same benefits to citizens that it offers illegal aliens? Well, forget that silly law, now a person who has been breaking our laws can simply pick a state and get in-state tuition rates. Look, the immigration system is messed up, but it is messed up because the current laws are not being enforced, why are we to believe that any of the good parts of this bill will be enforced? Go to Senator Sessions website to read about the 20 loop-holes he found, he did a much better job than I am doing.

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