Thursday, October 4, 2007

A small explanation

I will try hard not to post the depressing stuff anymore, that does not mean that my head is in the sand though, I still visit the news sites, I will still visit, and post, on LGF, and I will continue to read as much as I can about all that is going on in the world. Occasionally I will post something about current events that scares me, but mostly I am going to try to find the positives, the displays of human kindness that still exist in this world. If you dropped in here hoping for some insight to current events, that is great, leave a comment and we can discuss whatever is on your mind, but if you want to get yourself inundated with the depressing stuff, the link to LGF is on the right side of the page. LGF is a great way to catch up on the news of the day, a wonderful blog with great members, and the only source, in my opinion, for what is happening regarding the Global War on Terror. Here, at Stonepoet, you are going to have to read many posts before I write about that stuff again at any length.