Sunday, April 8, 2007

Just some Fred Thompson Info

I have picked my candidate, as you can see by the button on the side of this blog. Mr. Thompson is the man we need now. President Bush almost got it, he almost had the Country behind him, then he fell to pressure. What that pressure was I will never know, but he is beginning to wimp out on us. There was a flash last week when he began to rip on Pelosi, but even that was soft. We need the Fred Thompson that wrote this. It is incredible, I suggest anyone that is on the fence regarding the Republican Candidate, go read that statement. If you are a democrat, go read that statement and learn a thing or two about honesty, integrity, and foresight. In 2002 Fred knew we were at war, he knew it would be a long, hard fight, and he was prepared to fight. In this statement he points out how setting up the department of homeland security would be difficult, not because it was a new idea, but because government needed fixed. In reading his statement, I was finally excited about someone for the coming election, heck, I am even happy he isn't in the mess right now, wasting time and money. No one is going to remember what transpired between now and next December come January when it is time to vote anyway.

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