Sunday, April 8, 2007

More proof of Gorebal Warming

Okay, I was informed that I should change the spelling of Gorbal Warming to Gorebal so it is more understandable. Then I was informed I should put the Gore in quotes…maybe these informers should get their own darn blogs!! Just kidding, they are my only two readers of note, and the only two to comment, thank goodness for Family. Well, it seems that Gorebal warming is causing this, and this. Could it possibly be that the Earth I simply going through the normal changes that we as humans will never understand? C'mon, we have been here for such a short time, how the heck can we say that we are causing a trend?

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Anonymous said...

It's just the after affects of a warm winter. See, now, all the Hybrid non-emissions are making the atmosphere recover too fast, and the world is cooling. Pretty soon, they will be making movies about Kangaroos freezing to death, and cars with uber-emissions. Pretty smart, huh?