Sunday, October 7, 2007

Another Day

It has been hard, this 'happy' way of dealing with what is going on. How can folks run around with their heads in the sand? I am trying to deal, day to day, and, on a small personal level, things are great. Had a good Saturday, we hit an auction with tools, a used book sale, interspersed with two little league games. Finished with a b-day party with family and friends which was great, then to bed as work called early today. I awoke around midnight in time for the Charlie Manuel " Gee, I guess we lost" press conference that ended the Phillies season, oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


Then, this morning, on NPR is " Voices in the family" with three liberals doing the mental gymnastics needed to explain the massacres (this link will give you some of the details, but not all) in Burma (Myanmar). There is a military Junta in charge in that country, and I am having trouble locating the actual religion of that junta. The sate run newspaper has this quote from the article I linked: ""Monks must adhere to the laws of God and the government," the paper wrote. "If they violate those laws, action could be taken against them." This mention of God in the quote makes me wonder. Considering that Buddhists do not acknowledge "…the one true unchangable God…", what God is the article referring to? Further research shows that the Junta is mostly Buddhist as well, so this is a very strange situation. The mental contortions of the NPR folks trying to remove the religion from the story was my main point though, as they do that whenever Islam is involved as well. It seems the only time that NPR will mention the religion of someone particularly nasty is if that person is Jewish or Christian.


Then, when I get to work, the September copy of National Geographic is on the desk at work. The cover story is Islam's fault line: Pakistan. I pick it up to try to learn what is going on over there and guess what? It is all the fault of the United States! This, coupled with the news that the surge is working in Iraq, something you will not hear in the press, has me back on the political kick.


I am not going to be depressed though, I am going to find links to the good stories out of Iraq and try to link them, there are great Milblogs that can be linked, there are wonderful tales of the United States armed forces helping people in other parts of the world that we never hear about, I am going to try to find those stories, and I am going to scour the local news for positive signs.

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