Saturday, March 31, 2007

It’s Unconstitutional, That’s Why it’s Wrong

Well now, Ms. Pelosi is in the Middle East on a 'fact-finding mission'. Do we realize why it is called a fact finding mission? For the simple reason that it is unconstitutional for an elected member of the Federal Government to attempt diplomatic relations with foreign nations. Yeah, illegal, wrong, and a slap in the face of the sitting President, no matter the President or the party of the traveler. The constitution clearly states, in article II, section 2, that the power to appoint ambassadors resides in the executive branch, not in the legislative branch. In article I, section 6, it clearly states that no member of congress can be appointed to any civil office, which covers ambassadors.

These fact finding missions are in violation of the constitution, they need to stop. These trips hurt our Country, as opposition parties have begun to use them for political reasons, to one-up a sitting president, and heck, that is just wrong. We have a very precarious standing in the world, as the only super-power, as the richest nation, and to have our elected representatives traveling to the shores of our enemies, as Ms. Pelosi plans to do, should actually be labeled as the treason it is.

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