Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Insanity, or, America in 2013

New mortgage rules issued last week by the administration will have the effect of forcing lenders to approve prime loans to borrowers who would normally only qualify for subprime loans carrying higher interest rates and fees to cover the added risk of default. Read More At IBD: what could go wrong? The banks can just bundle these risky loans and sell them to someone else, right?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The list of 23

I have to weigh in on this, it might be my last political post ever, because this is exactly why I am done with it all. So many people think the President was brave today to take on the gun lobby with this list. So many people think that everything on this list is a new idea, a groundbreaking, unprecedented, attack on the 2nd Amendment. Both freaking sides of the issue simply HAVE NO CLUE.
Link to the full list

  1. Issue a memorandum to tell the government to do its job.
  2. Realize that the ACA made number 1 much harder, as do most liberal policies.
  3. Pay states to do their jobs, with my money. (are you noticing  a trend here? NOTHING NEW)
  4. Ask the Attorney General to do his job.
  5. Consider enforcing laws on books.
  6. Write a strongly worded letter teaching people how to do things they have been doing for years.
  7. Spend more of my money on advertising. Said advertising to promote the advertising.
  8. Spend tax dollars on feel good commission that will do nothing.
  9. Prosecute Fast and Furious...ooops, he should have left this one out.
  10. Have government do its job, again.
  11. Have President do his job.
  12. Spend tax dollars on redundant training.
  13. Are you effing serious? After liberal policies of the last 70 freaking years, they are now going to prosecute criminals? I call bullshit.
  14. Take valuable time from the CDC for another feel good commission. Almost like a dart board was being used by the time they got this far along in the list.
  15. Spend tax dollars on another commission that will do nothing, ask businesses to spend research dollars they don't have due to increases in taxes associated with the ACA.
  16. Force doctors to ask questions unrelated to my cold and fever.
  17. Send a letter to doctors explaining a law they already understand and have been sued under.
  18. What the eff is a "School Resource Officer"?
  19. ERP's have been a way of life in the private sector for many years, funny that government is behind. Or maybe this was just one of those Goose and Gander things.
  20. Read the ACA to people with advanced degrees under the assumption that they can't read it for themselves.
  21. Continue to change the monstrosity that is the ACA, adding more costs every day.
  22. Make at least 6 of the items above illegal as soon as there is mental-health-parity.
  23. And the most important Liberal idea of all. Talk about it.
Nothing new. Not one new idea, not one. Our government is failing, and we the people are to blame.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Al Gore, Hypocrite

Here is a simple chuckle worthy post:

It seems that Al Gore, oil hater is going to pocket $100 million from oil producers as Al Jazeera buys the failing and flailing Current TV. Hey, at least the Israel coverage will be more balanced.

More plugs

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