Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Veto Time

So he did it, congratulations Mr. President, there may be a spine in there somewhere. Of course with the presidential veto comes the insanity from the other side.


"Blunt talk from Joe Biden, picked up by C-Span answering a man's question at Jim Clyburn's fish fry April 27 in Columbia, S.C.

Biden is asked what he'll do when Bush, as is expected, vetoes the Iraq funding bill.

First, he talks about his son, and the equipment soldiers need -- "The idea that we're not building new Humvees with the V-shaped things is just crap. Kids are dying that don't have to die."

And: "Second thing is, we're going to shove it down his throat.""


From a video at

Maybe Mr. Biden should think before he speaks, the disrespect is unbecoming an elected official.

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