Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nanny State

Ahhh, the 'do as I say, not as I do' nanny-state democrat gets caught not wearing a seatbelt. I hope, and pray, that the man recovers fully, and that he returns to his family in good health. I also hope the New Jersey State Police issue the citation to Governor Corzine for not wearing his seat-belt. I have been driving back and forth to the shore for most of my life, and it was so annoying to have to put the darn thing on when we crossed the State line. Of course, now PA has joined in nanny-Ville, so I have given up complying. As soon as motorcycle riders have to put the helmets back on, I will wear a seatbelt. I really don't care if some idiot wants to ride a motorcycle without a helmet, I heard all the arguments, and disagreed with most of them, especially an argument that over 35 MPH a helmet does no good anyway (tell that to a Motorcycle racer, they seem to think the helmet is a good idea). I don't want the state to make me wear a seat-belt, simple as that. If I choose to wear it, fine…don't force it on me.


Left4Life said...

You right wing zealots are all the same. What you fail to realize is the futility of your thinking. Humans are inherently stupid. They care only of themselves. It is therefore up to the elected officials to think for these lazy minded lemmings. You absolved yourself of your ability to choose when the neurons in your 98% inactive dura matter decided not to fire. The beauty of a democracy (when run by the proper leaders) is, it doesn't matter how stupid, lazy or ignorant the electorate is, those chosen to serve will make decisions for them. They're too busy spending $58 a week at Starbucks and filling their Hummer with gas every other day. Why do you have to wear a seatbelt? Because you’re too stupid to make the intelligent decision to put it on without some 250lb state trooper sticking his boot up your ass. The bottom line is everyone is so self absorbed they think taking the three seconds to lift their head away from the cell while flying down the highway at 90 miles an hour will ruin their daily productivity when in actuality, their mere existence ruins everyone else’s. Until Americans decide to remove their heads from their collective asses and realize there is more to the planet than text messaging and American Idol, they require governmental babysitting on the state, local and federal level.

Stonemason said...

I read the above comment twice now and still can't figure it out. It is either real bad satire, or the rantings of a totalitarian narcissist with a serious superiority complex. Either way, and even though you incorrectly called me a right wing zealot, welcome to my blog!!!

Josh said...
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Left4Life said...

I wouldn't expect someone of the Right persuasion to display the higher level thought processes required to comprehend my ...perhaps a touch satirical, certainly not bad and certainly truthful interpretations and musings. Since birth most Righties are indoctrinated with such a narrow view that they need to be governed by the left to keep them from harming themselves.

And while my comments may be biting, I'm certainly not above extending a hand of courtesy and thanks for your welcome. Hopefully we will be able to play political chess again. I do have to say I'm surprised a rightie likes a band with a homosexual lead singer!

Stonemason said...

L4L...Let me get this straight, someone who thinks for themselves is wrong, and must be thought for by the government? Nope, not me. I won't argue that most of the electorate is uninformed; I won't go so far as to call them stupid, which might not be compassionate. Let's consider from where the majority of the electorate receives information though: major media and major entertainment. How many folks watch Jon Stewart and think they are now informed?
As far as the personal leaning s of a band member that I enjoy listening to, who is more judgmental, the guy that cared so little about it he didn’t know, or the person that felt the need to point it out?
Ad hominem attacks aside, I have asked this question of all my lefty friends, always with the same response: name one thing the government does better, more efficiently, and with more compassion than a private organization…(don’t forget to bring your references!)

Left4Life said...

"name one thing the government does better, more efficiently, and with more compassion than a private organization"

Manage the most awesome millitary the planet has ever seen...references not required