Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What is he up to?

What the heck is our President doing? First, he tries to foist this insane immigration bill on us, a bill that would cripple the US economy, kill union jobs, and destroy any semblance of a UNITED States, then he sends a diplomat to negotiate with terrorists.


Of course, we are all too stupid to understand the bill, right Mr. President? Well, I read most of the darn thing, as boring as it was, and even had to go back and read one of the older bills to see what was being replaced. Now, this is not going to change anything, it will just make it easier for the illegals to stay here, and make it easier for them to take our jobs. For those that say this is a good bill, GO READ IT, it will fix nothing. It relies completely on 'self-reporting'…what the heck incentive is there for an illegal to 'self-report'? a $5000 fine? A trip home after 6, 8, or whatever years? And we don't enforce the laws now, what makes anyone think this one will be enforced? Oh, and for you bleeding hearts out there, 24 hours to background check an illegal immigrant, and three days or more to background check a citizen so they can exercise their right to own a handgun…yeah, that's fair.


On the terrorist negotiations…I can't even begin to write about it, it makes my eyes bleed, and there isn't enough duct tape in the pick-up to keep the grey matter inside my skull. It Time agrees with it, it is most certainly a bad thing.

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HappyJamese said...

Good heavens, I hate it when your eyes bleed!!! Smooooch.