Thursday, April 30, 2009

I tried

I really did, I tried to ignore his glaring faults and accept him as the President, but this is beyond the pale:

President Barack Obama marked his 100th day in office by telling Americans that “we’ve begun the work of remaking America.”

Go remake some other country, fool, America is the greatest nation in the history of the world. I can not understand why a man who became President hates this country so much. This is....I can't even...Too.Pissed.To.Type.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not sure if I did this yet...

"Gimme a .308 and a shot gun...I'll be doin' fine underneath the pines, while the world goes down the drain"

Montgomery Gentry

"Swim out past the breakers and watch the world die"


Nope, not me. I refuse to watch as things end. No, forget it. Deal with things, fix what you can, fight for what is right, fight for what you want.
Stop standing by while crap happens to people, stop allowing others to hurt. Fix what you can, try to fix things you think you can't.
Stop giving up so easily, join in, pitch in, help out. Fix those things that are broken, those things that have needed fixing for a long time.
Don't take it anymore, not for one more second.
Live right.


Think about this for a minute:
Unions started for a great reason, to ensure that workers were not taken advantage of in the workplace. Safety was one of the main reasons and quality was another. Now, things have changed. Tell a union worker he/she has to wear safety glasses in an area or a plant where they have not been previously required and it takes an act of God. Or, tell a union worker that he/she must get a certification to keep the job...forget it, they all want grandfathered, not me they say, I can do the job wihtout the schooling, wihtout the new training, without proving that I know what I am doing, and the union will fight for them. Nuts. Absolutely. Freaking. Nuts.

Oh, and try to change something for the betterment of the workers...forget about it, no constructive help from the union, just crappy attacks and useless ad hominem.

Screw 'em all.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I am not a racist

Okay, I have your attention, I used the R word. This post is going to sound racist, or ethno-centric, or jingoistic, or whatever the heck it is called these days to demand that our government secure our borders.
No, I don't give a crap about the pig flu, and I think that when drug dealers kill each other, the world is a better place (innocents that get caught in the cross-fire are worthy of our sympathy though, which is why the authorities should be killing drug dealers, but that is another post).

This is about the question of keeping our laws, about not being hypocritical, and about being safe (secure) in our persons. That's right, the government is violating the 4th amendment by not securing our borders, we are no longer safe here in America, no longer safe from law-breakers from south of our border. How many more women need to be raped by illegal aliens?
How many drugs will be sold by illegal aliens?
I started with the racism thing because many people are going to figure I don't like Mexicans. Well that is Bullsh*&. It isn't my fault that most of the criminals in the stories I linked to are Mexican, it just happens to be so. No, not all Mexicans are criminals, and not all crime is committed by Illegal Aliens, but, the very nature of ILLEGAL alien is criminal. So if they break those laws, they seem to think the rest of our laws don't matter either. How about auto insurance? Nope, just another silly American law that only Americans are forced to follow. Think about it, if you are a legal citizen caught whithout insurance you are fined and you license is taken away, if you are an illegal alien ( a lawbreaker by definition) you are offered a license regardless of insurance status in some states.
Okay, rant off, too long of a post...

Monday, April 20, 2009


So I am thinking that because it is raining and I can not work on the wall I might as well type some random stuff. Should I link to things? I probably should, but that can be so tedious. Oh well, here goes nothing:

Mr. Obama was taken to task, along with our Country, by some two bit dictators down in the Southern Hemisphere over the weekend and did nothing about it. Tsk, Tsk, Mr. President, this is your Country too ya know, when they dis the United States, they are dissing you and your family too.

The racism conference in Durban as going well, if you are an Arab dictator, the rest of the world has mostly walked away realizing finally that laying all the problems at the feet of Israel is stupid. One little country nestled among the leading terrorist exporters is not the problem, radical clerics that want to kill anyone that does not bow to allah are the problem.

I don't mind rain so much, I hate wind and rain though, especially cold wind and rain!

A quiet home is nice, I love my family!

My dog is nuts though, and gets nuttier by the month as she enters these final years of her much too short life.

Facebook is addicting, much like the old chat rooms of AOL were addicting.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stop it, stop it NOW

Yanno what? The loony right has finally come full circle and have met the loony left. I blame Ron Paul, but, hey, it isn't just him, there are plenty of nuts to go around. The tea parties were a great idea, then they get reported by a leftist media, and I find people defending the nuts that the media pointed out. Wouldn't it be better to simply say, "yeah, a few nuts showed up, but they do not represent our party?" When pushed we then mention ANSWER and CODE PINK, the loons that try to take over left-wing protests. Some of those left-wingers have brains and are not as extreme as the groups I mentioned, really, they are just misguided, or misinformed, that is all, not truly evil like ANSWER.

So relax people, we will win with a sane message, we need to stop yellign about Gold standards and civil war, we need to firmly point out the socialist agenda of this administration, and we need to do so in a way that does not cause the eyes of the apathetic to glaze over, again.

Talk to people who do not vote, don't scream at them, just explain how the policies of Mr. Obama are going to ruin the nation if allowed to become entrenched. Leave out baloney about birth certificates, leave out baloney about imaginary Homeland Security officers coming after people based on political persauasion, and stay away feom anything remotely associated with the end of the world. If you beleive that stuff, great, but keep it to yourself, don't try to sell it to the middle, they are not buying, and if they sit out again, we are headed for socialism, which is much worse than a President with shady documentation.

Stay on point, stay focused people, it is time to take the country back, to help sane representatives represent, but it is also time to remove the ones who are not there for us, time to vote the bums out, not matter what party, no matter how much moneyt they have broguht home!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday night

Long day, no problem really, just a long day. Our President and our Sec. State have decided to legitimize the failed communist state of Cuba, woo hoo, that is going to go a long way in proving to us that Mr. Obama is not a socialist bordering on a communist!

Watching the Flyers and the Phillie's while listening to the ipod, life is good, would only be better if the family was here, or maybe some long lost friends!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I love the liberry, here I am, killing time, looking for reading material, FREE reading material, and taking a minute to post on this blog from a free computer. I am so tired of people saying there is no accesst to information, right behind me are thousands of books and right at my fingertips is all the informaiton in the world. The bus stops right out front, poor people ride the bus for more excuses!

Here is a pitch though, donate to your local library when you can, it sure helps them out!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So I love music, it drives me, it is the background to my life. For that though, it can't be too heavy, it can't be jangly, and it can't be punky. Those genres have their places, just not too close to me. I am sorry if that bothers my friends, I just need it to be more mellow now.

Yeah, I can leave the Black Sabbath and Ozzy on the Ipod, and there is A7X as well as MCR, but sometimes I skip them, yeah, I do. There is country on there, classical, and even some Frank Sinatra.

Life is different, the heavy stuff is hard to write to, the heavy stuff is hard to lay stone with, and the heavy stuff is hard to live to.

I must be old.


I know, I know, I finally began to post at least once a day, built the following up to about 6 readers, and then dropped of the planet! Sorry about that, it is just spring in Chester County and I am way busy.
Baseball, work, side-work, and life are keeping me from typing here, I will try, honest I will, but I can not be as prolific as I was when the shoulder was healing.

Thanks for stopping in!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Free form lunacy

I am getting a little tired of the links I post being downers again, much like when I tried to find positive stories about islam. That petered out real quick for some reason, oh well.

There seems to be a lull in good news, I wonder why the fact that that DOW is over 8000 is not being splashed everywhere? Is it because we hate capitalism so much we will allow the economy to continue to tank so we can intall socialism? If everyone knows that the stock market is coming back, then everyone won't be as happy to have the wealth shared?

I know that if you take money from those that work and give it to those that do not work, sooner or later those that do not work will outnumber those that do, it is common sense.

Cold and rainy here in Chester County pa, back to dong nothing.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rights or privileges

I was listening to NPR on the way home from work tonight, the topic was gay marriage, I really don't care one way or the other about that, just so churches are backed when they refuse to marry two men or two women against the faith of the church. Anyway, the gay man, yes, he was a gay man, was arguing some point or another and he made the statement that abortion was a 'legal right'. That got me thinking.

No, abortion is not a right, it is legal and it is a privilege. You can get an abortion, but someone has to pay for it. It struck me at that very moment that if you have to pay for something it is no longer a right, surely not an 'inalienable right endowed to us by our creator'.

For instance, one has the right to go from here to California, by walking. Every other mode of transportation is a privilege. We have a right to be secure in our person and property, if we can afford that property, we do not have the right to the property.

Too man people claim that they have the 'right' to one thing or another, it just is not so. People need to grow the heck up.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Americans Vs. The World

Here is the main difference between Americans and the rst of the World. We are strong, we do not pay ransoms, and we know that our government will not pay a ransom, therefore:
US crew members have retaken their hijacked ship but their captain is still being held by Somali pirates on a lifeboat, reports say.

Not like the other countries

the above link is to a google page that will then take you to a huge number of ransoms paid by wimp nations.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Such an interesting time, so much to think about, so much to do, and yet, it seems as if there is nothing to be done. Is our government really changing, or did it change long ago and we are just now noticing. Think about it for a minute with me, when things are good, we ignore the small, incremental changes around us, we just let them happen, thinking that those changes do not affect us. In the'30's it was the WPA, small changes that allowed some to go to work, others to continue working, and still others to pay for that work.
Social Security, a small change that has seem a myriad of small changes over the years, even FDR would be shocked at the extent we have allowed government to rule our 'golden' years.
Parks and public land, incremental changes that resulted in the Supreme Court upholding the taking of land from a private citizen to be given to another private citizen so that citizen #2 could make money.
Yup, we have allowed this to happen to ourselves, and the bringing it back is going to be painful.

we can do this, we have that unique make-up that gives us the drive to fix things, and we are broken, we need fixed.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Head on over to you tube

Too much politics is not good for me!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

We all need a little Joy!


Treason includes "aid and comfort to our enemies," and if the following statement is not Treason, nothing is. This statement was not made some basic citizen on the public square in America, not was it made by an American hating Frenchman in France. The statement was made by the American President while talking in a foreign nation...

President Barack Obama has offered an apology for the Bush era, declaring that America had “shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive” towards its allies.

Oh, and the failure to recognize the leadership of europe...this guy is trying so hard to destroy our country. Maybe he should have used this language during the campaign...