Thursday, October 4, 2007

Life in General

Hey now, I think I may have 4 readers now…too cool! Anyway, There is a lawsuit about to start that shouldn't even have been allowed to be filed. When will we, as a nation, stop allowing stupidity to clog the legal system? Quick question: if you eat undercooked meat, can you get sick? Yeah, I know, easy answer, but to some, I guess the idea of cooking meat is foreign. So now, there is a lawsuit pending because 25 people have become ill. I know, e coli is a bad thing, I test for it in the water every day at work, but, not cooking your meat, then suing the company that packaged that meat is insane. I could almost understand if, say, 1% of the population of a state, or of the US became ill, but 25 people? C'mon, more than that get sick at Church picnics every year, or at backyard barbeques. Now a business is going to have to spend money they could have spent on cleaning the processing plant of lawyers. Oh, I just hit on something, the only people that get any money out of a class action suit are the lawyers, so maybe, just maybe, some judge will come to the conclusion that these insane lawsuits should stop.


Rant mode off.

Reading one of the poetry books today was fun, interesting, and thought provoking. The other poetry book I bought, however, left quite a bit to be desired. A poem should be understandable after being read no more than twice, if one has to read it three or four times, the point is lost, and frustration sets in. Some of my poetry is for me only, I would never dream of publishing something that only I would understand, so why do other poets? I have always felt that it is a form of superiority complex, a 'look at me, I am smarter than you 'cause I wrote something you do not understand." Of course it then follows that those that claim to understand this poetry, or abstract art, are trying to make themselves feel that same superiority over those of us that realize that jumbles of words, or splotches of black paint actually mean nothing at all.

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