Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Corzine and Rendell, Birds of a feather

It seems that the governors of PA and NJ share more than their party affiliation. Corzine, of 'do as I say, not as I do' fame (may he recover fully) was being driven by a State Trooper in a Government SUV at a speed of 91 MPH. This from a man that recently tried to LOWER the state speed limit…I guess that would have only been for the little people. Now, why do we continue to allow our elected officials to abuse power in this way? Rendell has been caught in a speeding car here in PA, he is the chief executive, the man charged with enforcing our laws, and he breaks them.

You would think we would be tired of this, the DUI's that are brushed under the rug, the infidelities, the drugs, and the absolute arrogance. What we need to realize as citizens, we allow our leaders to abuse the power that we give them by re-electing them no matter what they do…maybe it is time to vote some of the bums out!!!


Red Rabbit said...

Ponderous why nearly all politicians have questionable pasts, presents and futures. Perhaps it has something to do with the nearly unreachable financial requirement to throw you hat into the ring. They've got to rub elbows and deal with the devil to get the financial backing. Three words Campaign Finance Reform... or perhaps campaign reform all together?

Stonemason said...

Real reform, not the McCain feingold mess. How about term limits? Or, we could become more informed as voters and implement our own term limits and vote 'em out. You are correct about the money, it is nuts!