Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Wow, I have written before that we just can not understand the World if we continue to look at it from our own perspective. Take this quote to heart, dear readers, and imagine living like this. How would your view change, how would you perceive what we in America perceive to be normal day-to-day tasks?


"The organisation is dedicated to providing toilets to nearly 730 million people in India who lack them."


…"2.6 billion people worldwide who lack toilets…"


The world number is just about 40%, considering a population of 6.6 billion.

The India number is 64% based on a population of 1.136 billion.

The article does not say how many in the United States are living without a toilet, but I would imagine the numbers do not even come close to these figures. Something we take for granted is a luxury for 40% of the world…rather interesting.

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