Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How CAIR is trying to destroy the Country, and who is helping them

Okay, we all know the story of the Six Flying Imams, and the fact that they wanted to be kicked off the plane. Well, most of us now also know that they are suing, with the help of the CAIR. I sent you to the actual CAIR site, so you can read who they are in their words; of course, this site will tell you who they really are. The suit includes the passengers that were scared out of their minds by the yelling, screaming, and requesting stuff the Imams did not need. These passengers were simply exercising their right to feel safe on an airplane, something they all paid for. Let me say now that airline travel is a privilege, not a right, so anyone that wants to complain about profiling, or civil liberties go back to KOS or DU where the line between rights and privileges is always blurred. The U.S. House last night held a vote on this issue last night, trying to safe-guard people who are acting in the interests of security from frivolous lawsuits, much like a whistle-blower statute. Please click on this link to see how your representative voted on this most important issue. It should be well known by now that the jihadists will use our legal system against us, all with the goal not of equality, but of supremecy.


moxiemonster said...

Okay, I just need to TRY to make a few comments, but, knowing you, I will definetly be shot down. So, here we go... you said that flying a plane is a privilage, and not a right, right? And you also said that all the people were doing was "exercising their right to feel safe on an airplane," right? So techinally coudn't you say that the Imams were only "exercising their right to feel safe on an airplane" by (direct quote from the link "Six Flying Imams") 'invoke "bin Laden," and "terrorism,"' to make sure they were safe?

How did I do?

moxiemonster said...

Forgot to mention this above...

how do you know the the "arabic-speaking person" was really telling the truth when he said that?

Stonemason said...

Okay, you make a great point, or, two of them, really. I was WRONG to type that it was the rightof the passengers to feel safe in the plane. I should have said it is my right to feel safe on the ground. I want the airlines, and all the passengers to create the safest situation pssible so the plane is not hijacked and used as a weapon.
You are correct in stating that if I allowed one passenger the right to feel safe, I would need to allow other passengers to also do waht the could to feel safe. Therefore, I am withdrawing my statement about the rights of the passengers, and instead, stating that passengers have no rights other than the rights granted to them by the owner of the plane.