Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fred News

I watched the debate the other night on Fox…not bad, one of the better debates so far. Hunter impressed me as did Huckabee, and it seems that Rudy has it all sown up. But wait, Fred is planning to announce an immigration platform…I think I might like it. Yeah, I am still pulling for Fred, I would like to see his no-nonsense approach in the White House, but, I am willing to get on the Rudy bandwagon if need be.

McCain has lost me, he lost me with McCain-Feingold and his support of amnesty for the illegal's. Mitt just seems so darn fake, sure, he's a good looking guy and won the Governorship of Mass, but what part of his soul did he sell for that position? He flops more than Kerry, and I do not like that. Fred has been the only consistent candidate, in the top tier, and that is what we need. Ron Paul s a loop job, but some of his libertarian views I could go along with, it is the 9-11 troofer stuff that gets in the way of him being a serious player.

Giuliani/Hunter or Thompson/Hunter, either one of those would be fine with me!

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