Sunday, November 30, 2008

Changing Man

Somali pirates hijack ship, British guards escape.

I do not want to become all piracy, all the time, but this headline struck me. This is a huge concern for me, the guards jumped into the sea to avoid THEIR JOBS. I would assume that they had been paid well to secure the ship, then, when I read further down in the article, I see: “…three of our unarmed security staff were rescued…” and I need to wonder why the darn men were unarmed. Still, they should have tried to “…repel all borders…” (Buck Rogers, the movie) instead of jumping ship. This reminds me of a BBC report I heard some years ago.

The report was taped, I hope, and the reporter was hiding in the bushes in a Somali refugee camp. During the report this reporter began to hear commotion, then a woman screaming in his vicinity. Instead of taking his support staff, who were admittedly in the bushes with him (probably a camera man) and trying to save the woman, he was going on and on about how sad it all was.

What has happened to Man, capital M? There was once a time when our own safety was secondary to the safety of others, now, it is save out own necks first. Think about the reports from Virginia Tech, when that lunatic was able to simply walk up and down aisles shooting kids because all they did was lie under the desks, only the older man had the guts to try to bar the door while his students escaped, losing his life in the process. One gets the feeling that these student all felt it was the responsibility of the ‘other’ to save them, not their own.

So I am mad, I am mad that men trained to secure a ship jumped over board instead of securing the ship, I am mad that people no longer stand up for things, and then I remember that some do.

Thanks to all who serve this great nation, keeping it safe so I can rant on this silly blog!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Differing Views or propaganda?

Israel kills Palestinian

One version of the story, from the Arab News, the English language mouth piece of the Saudi Royal family. This version admits that the Israel story is a little different, that the Palistinians had opened fire on the IDF when they were caught setting a bomb. Considering this next story, who do you really believe?

According to the Israeli military, Palestinian militants fired a total of 11 mortars at southern Israel from Gaza on Friday. Three of them landed at the base, the IDF said.

So, the terrorists that found legitimacy with leftists the world over are still trying to kill civilians in Israel, and then they whine when the border crossings are closed (with no mention that the border is closed with Egypt as well. Oh, and those rockets that are being fired, well they tend to injure people, and, surprise, they land “…near a fuel terminal that supplies much-needed gasoline and cooking fuel to the impoverished Gaza Strip.”

If they can interrupt the fuel, they can have more kids standing around with candles for the leftists cry over.

Thanksgiving: the REAL history

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Thanksgiving: the REAL history

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy thanksgiving


Most every year I do this

I thank you all,

For being


Then, thank you all

For allowing me

To be


Meaningful thanks

From a heart unlikely

From a soul inconsistent

At times

Know, all,

It is not just now

That my gratitude arises

Just that now

At this special time

Silly socializations may be sidelined

And thanks can be freely given


Little things

Big things

Personal and not so personal

Losses, additions

And the trials of life

Can be borne with the knowledge

That you, all of you

Accept me and mine

In a way that




Truly appreciates

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I found a new blog to read Thinking Man. The link takes you to the main page and from there you can find his blog. don't just read the blog though, check out the site, he says the same things I try to say but much more intelligently. Okay, that is my post for today...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Try this

I know this will never happen, but it is fun to think about it!

You Should Be Allowed to Vote

You got 15/15 questions correct.

Generally speaking, you're very well informed.

If you vote this election, you'll know exactly who (and what) you'll be voting for.

You're likely to have strong opinions, and you have the facts to back them up.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow…before Thanksgiving

Here I am, over 40, lived in PA all my life, and while I am sure that this has happened before, I sure do not remember it. November 21, 2008, and there is snow on the ground with more falling. The very first time I heard the phrase Global Warming, I scoffed and began to explain to my then toddler children, and anyone that would not (could not) escape that the whole thing was a farce. I explained the need for all movements to need a doomsday scenario or people wouldn't join, I explained that there just was not enough power being created to change a system s larger as that in which we live and I pointed out that the first Earth Day was based on stopping a man-made Ice-age. All of it crap, all of it lies, and this most recent spate of alarmism is of the most disgusting type. This was all created so one mancould become a much richer man. Al Gore makes more money from this than he took from the monks, even more than President Elect Obama illeagely took for his campaign, after going ack on a promise to limit fund-raising of course. Here are the links"


"In other words, he 'buys' his 'carbon offsets' from himself, through a transaction designed to boost his own investments and return a profit to himself," Hobbs writes. "To be blunt, Gore doesn't buy 'carbon offsets' through Generation Investment Management – he buys stocks."

Monk stuff…


Obama stuff….

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Piracy 2

So I post the one below, before Drudge goes Pirate nuts, and now It seems that life is all pirates all the time. Here is another article, this is going to blow up very soon, explode into a shooting war that is going to be a bad thing. I hope the President Elect is watching, learning, and ready to act.


I find it interesting that piracy seems to be making a comeback. It could possibly be that the fact that Businesses and Countries are paying ransom. If there is no ransom paid, there is no reason to pirate a ship. Maybe ships are going to begin arming themselves, no more 'gun free zones' on the open ocean. Imagine an oil tanker fighting back, shooting I out with a speed boat full of criminals…that is what is needed. This crap of just allowing this to happen is nuts. Even Saudi Arabia is not immune!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


These two were hidden until last week, now, they are everywhere. Ayers and Dohrn are terrorists and they now say that the 'politics of fear' have been defeated by Obama? Huh? Sheesh, google Ayers, Google Dohrn, Google SDS, Google the Weathermen. And hw about the interviewer on that lousy show asking about the couple's 'trouble with the law'. The trouble was murder charges, dropped on a technicality, and Ayers was quoted as saying: "Guilty as sin, free as a bird…". So, now, these two terrorists are doing the talk circuit, Ayers trying to sell a book and Dohrn hanging on I guess.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Warm-err-cool-err-Change

Since I am back I guess I had better touch on the one thing that kept me going last spring, Gorbal Warming. Now it seems to be climate change, as predicted, and will soon be cooling as the latest scare crap. NASA scientist, Dr. James Hansen, called October the hottest on record when it was obviously not. When it was pointed out that bad data was used this Hansen dude blamed the poor data collection. The problem with that is that this is the data the IPCC uses to push the Gorbal Warming lie. Heck, read all about it here.

Friday, November 14, 2008

President Elect

So I am sure that some readers of this blog (haha) are thinking that I am wallow deep in a depression over the socialist being elected President. Nah, I am disappointed with the lack of thought evident in the choice, but hey, we survived Mr. Carter, we will survive Mr. Obama. He will be my president, I am not like the left, I don't whine about losing. Now, that being said, there is a strong push for conservatives to dump the members of the Republican party who oppose abortion, who are deeply religious, or who are against Gay Marriage. This confuses me. The Democrats nominated someone who pandered to the extreme left, who was elected by the extreme left, and will try to reward the extreme left. We conservatives need to ensure this does not happen, we need to realize that even though California was overwhelmingly for Sen. Obama, proposition 8, banning gay marriage, passed. On many ballots across this great county, liberal ideas were shot down even as the voters pulled the lever for the socialist for President. We do not need to ignore the solidly right-wing, we just need to present our ideas in a way that they understand that all or nothing campaigns lead to losses.


Yeah, it has been a while; this is hopefully the start of something. I had a thought earlier, now I cannot…oh, now I remember. School vouchers, the Democrat party fights vouchers tooth and nail due to the fact that Democrat politicians are beholden to the Teachers Unions. Simple as that; force low income people to continue to send kids to lousy schools while those same politicians send their kids to private schools. This is the future folks, the ruling class forcing the working class to support the lazy class while keeping the poorest among us mired in failing schools so they will need to vote Democrat.

Oh, before one attacks me for not proving my point:


Enjoy the reading!