Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Censorship, the global way

Okay…here in America, the left is silencing people for offense comments, see below posts with linkage to several examples, and in England, Colleges are pandering to the followers of islam, censoring speech so as not to offend. If you don't feel up to reading the article, the most important part, aside from the inane forced apology is the plan on setting up guidelines in the future so as not to offend anyone. It continues folks, censoring speech, and it will not stop. Oprah has climbed on board the victim train as well, I didn't see the show, or read a transcprit, but what are the chances she asked Sharpton about the Tawana situation. I will ask again, who is stronger of spirit, a group of women who are second in the Nation in basketball, or some aging shock jock? By dragging this out, the media lap-dogs of the left have given Imus way too much credit.

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