Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Happy stuff

Hmmm, I am tired of the negative stuff, tired of trying to make folks see the truth, fighting the Main Stream Media types who do nothing but parrot the Anti-American left. So, I am going to be happy for a while. No Gorbal warming, no terrorists, no Democrats, just me and a keyboard. Stick around if you want, but understand, I am not giving up on America, I am just going to post a little more positively; for my sanity as well as the sanity of my 3 readers!


For what it is worth, since my post regarding seat-belts, and the ensuing chastisement, I have worn the darn thing. I am now one of the legions of people who will get in your car and put my seat-belt on…it is a habit now, and I thank the one close to me who pointed out the irrationality of my feelings on this issue. I am wearing it for them, not for Pennsylvania though, that I stand by!


October in Philly, usually a time to begin watching the Flyers, think about the Eagles a little, and discuss the end of the Phillies season…not this year, this year we can continue to root our Phiting Phils on as they take on the Colorado Rockies in the first round of the National League Playoffs!!! So much excitement from a simple game, I enjoy the smiles this team has brought my family, and, even with the nail-biting last weekend, the baseball has been a treat to watch.


The trees are gonna turn real soon…this is my favorite time of year…until spring, when I post that that is my favorite time of year. I can be fickle, I know it, and I deal with it, so should you, dear reader(s). Crisp mornings, bright sunny warm afternoons, and the promise of stone walls…what more can a guy ask for?

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