Saturday, March 31, 2007


I have to touch on Iran and the British Sailors again, as I am still confused by the issue. England scurried around the UN looking for one of those useless condemnations from the security council, the kind that no Country has ever taken seriously, and was rebuked in their efforts. The UN did issue the dreaded 'strongly worded letter'(STW), but fell short of condemning Iran for its obvious violation of the international law the UN is so fond of pretending to care about. The EU did finally realize that ignoring the situation was probably a bad idea, so they issued their own STW. The Geneva Conventions are also being trampled on by Iran, in a manner much more blatant than our trampling in Club Gitmo, and the UN seems to not care. The obvious double standard is driving me nuts, is driving the right wing nuts, while the left is positively beside themselves with glee. I would copy and paste the comments here, but I am trying very hard to keep this blog family friendly…that means if you click through, be prepared to read the foul language that is extremely common on left wing blog sites.

Now, these troops are being paraded for propaganda purposes, and the left does not care, actually, they seem to think, if the posters are any indication, that the troops deserve it because they carry the flag of England. I hate to think it, but I would venture to say that if the 15 were American, they would be treated like that dailykos dude treated the contractors that were hung from the bridge in Iraq…"Screw them" is what he said. The world is topsy-turvy, the American left believes the Iranian Government, yet thinks everything our President says is a lie. Maybe if the Iranian President had mentioned the Weapons in Iraq, weapons Hussein had used on Iranian troops, the left wouldn't be whining about the war!

Oh, and what ever happened to the three Israeli soldiers that were kidnapped by Lebanon, and the soldier kidnapped by the Palestinians, you know, the ones that were going to be released if only Israel would stop bombing Lebanon and pulled out of Gaza? Yeah, trustworthy opponents, and the World spins on….

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