Friday, September 21, 2007

Columbia and Anti-American Bias

It is time, time to start blogging again I guess. The fact that the President of Iran, thought to be one of the kidnappers way back in 1979 is going to be speaking at Columbia University has been nagging at me. This is a place that will not let ROTC on campus, that in itself should ring the hypocrisy bell, but it actually raises a few questions. One wonders if David Duke would be invited to speak at Columbia, or the Minutemen, or Daniel Pipes, or Robert Spencer. These are just a few that the left in America has branded as racists hate mongers, and, with the exception of David Duke, none of them have called for the destruction of an entire country. I added Duke, not because I like his views, but because I do not. I firmly support speech, not matter how vile, and am on record as calling for the end to 'hate speech' legislation. Ahmadinejad should be allowed to talk anywhere, but those that invite him would then need to invite opposing views, or at least face the repercussions for stifling opposing views.

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