Monday, November 19, 2007

A question

So I have a question for my three readers, now two I think 'cause I can't post more often. If Chavez can call for an oil war to hurt America, why can't we just head on down to Venezuela and take the oil fields back for the companies that used to one them? Ya see, Hugo, in all his socialist glory, stole the oil from legitimate companies, while others simply stopped investing in Venezuela. The take over was completed in July, but the LA times article is archived and I am not going to pay for something from that bird-cage liner. Chavez has also declared himself president for life. This is all insane, the world is becoming insane, and we are letting it happen by being way too stinkin' politically correct. If we had leaders that would stand up to these thugs, this would not be happening. It seems that the Jimmy Carter way was not killed by Reagan, just postponed for a little while and now embraced by even those that consider themselves republican. Grrrrrrr…

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