Friday, October 12, 2007

Useless prize

Well, I am sure that Nobel is spinning, spinning in his grave right now, if he has any energy left to spin after the list of insane peace prize winners in the past 15 years or so. That list includes a terrorist (Arafat), an idiot (Carter), a lying, conniving, nuclear watchdog (ElBaradei), last year's tree planting woman from Africa whose name no one will ever remember, and now, the one, the only, The Goracle. Yup, Al Gore has won the Nobel Prize for Peace for his unfailing work at making himself money. I have linked to so many debunking sites regarding Gorbal warming that this next one is simply icing on the cake. In the same week the leftists on the Nobel committee awarded the prize to the world's most hypocritical environmentalist a Judge in England has found that the 'award winning documentary' is so full of lies and half-truths that in order for it to be shown in schools it must be countered with honest science. So, who is right? Well, we are lucky to be able to live out the next twenty years till the environmentalists start whining about the next ice age again as they did back in the '70's.

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