Sunday, April 22, 2007

Will they ever learn?

Do these people never learn? How can an elected official in a government be so destructive? So, Harry thinks we have lost, and we can chalk up another on to the Dems and the peaceniks. Let's see how that worked out in the '70's. When they turned their backs on the troops in Vietnam, where the military NEVER lost a battle on the ground, how many were killed? Pol Pot gets credit for 1 to 3 million, thanks to the USA. The North Vietnamese get credit for 1 million in the years following the war, but that number is disputed by UC Berkeley, of all places. So I am going to link that site, because they discount the 'political' numbers, and still come up with 65,000 executed, and countless more starved.


When will the left realize that loss and appeasement DO NOT WORK. Just because you believe in touchy-feely peace stuff does not mean you enemy does. We are fighting an enemy that wants to destroy western civilization, they have stated that over, and over. When will our left realize this? Hey, here's a thought for my lefty readers, if the board of directors of the company you work for would run around spouting the doom and gloom that Harry Reid spouts, how long would that company be around? What if your product was the best in the World, everyone wanted it, and it sold well, yet the CEO was shouting from the rooftops that a competitors product was better, even though many studies had been done proving him wrong, would that CEO be around long?


We live in the greatest country in the world, the strongest and most free, no amount of protest can destroy it.

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