Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Such an interesting time, so much to think about, so much to do, and yet, it seems as if there is nothing to be done. Is our government really changing, or did it change long ago and we are just now noticing. Think about it for a minute with me, when things are good, we ignore the small, incremental changes around us, we just let them happen, thinking that those changes do not affect us. In the'30's it was the WPA, small changes that allowed some to go to work, others to continue working, and still others to pay for that work.
Social Security, a small change that has seem a myriad of small changes over the years, even FDR would be shocked at the extent we have allowed government to rule our 'golden' years.
Parks and public land, incremental changes that resulted in the Supreme Court upholding the taking of land from a private citizen to be given to another private citizen so that citizen #2 could make money.
Yup, we have allowed this to happen to ourselves, and the bringing it back is going to be painful.

we can do this, we have that unique make-up that gives us the drive to fix things, and we are broken, we need fixed.

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