Monday, April 20, 2009


So I am thinking that because it is raining and I can not work on the wall I might as well type some random stuff. Should I link to things? I probably should, but that can be so tedious. Oh well, here goes nothing:

Mr. Obama was taken to task, along with our Country, by some two bit dictators down in the Southern Hemisphere over the weekend and did nothing about it. Tsk, Tsk, Mr. President, this is your Country too ya know, when they dis the United States, they are dissing you and your family too.

The racism conference in Durban as going well, if you are an Arab dictator, the rest of the world has mostly walked away realizing finally that laying all the problems at the feet of Israel is stupid. One little country nestled among the leading terrorist exporters is not the problem, radical clerics that want to kill anyone that does not bow to allah are the problem.

I don't mind rain so much, I hate wind and rain though, especially cold wind and rain!

A quiet home is nice, I love my family!

My dog is nuts though, and gets nuttier by the month as she enters these final years of her much too short life.

Facebook is addicting, much like the old chat rooms of AOL were addicting.

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