Monday, April 27, 2009

I am not a racist

Okay, I have your attention, I used the R word. This post is going to sound racist, or ethno-centric, or jingoistic, or whatever the heck it is called these days to demand that our government secure our borders.
No, I don't give a crap about the pig flu, and I think that when drug dealers kill each other, the world is a better place (innocents that get caught in the cross-fire are worthy of our sympathy though, which is why the authorities should be killing drug dealers, but that is another post).

This is about the question of keeping our laws, about not being hypocritical, and about being safe (secure) in our persons. That's right, the government is violating the 4th amendment by not securing our borders, we are no longer safe here in America, no longer safe from law-breakers from south of our border. How many more women need to be raped by illegal aliens?
How many drugs will be sold by illegal aliens?
I started with the racism thing because many people are going to figure I don't like Mexicans. Well that is Bullsh*&. It isn't my fault that most of the criminals in the stories I linked to are Mexican, it just happens to be so. No, not all Mexicans are criminals, and not all crime is committed by Illegal Aliens, but, the very nature of ILLEGAL alien is criminal. So if they break those laws, they seem to think the rest of our laws don't matter either. How about auto insurance? Nope, just another silly American law that only Americans are forced to follow. Think about it, if you are a legal citizen caught whithout insurance you are fined and you license is taken away, if you are an illegal alien ( a lawbreaker by definition) you are offered a license regardless of insurance status in some states.
Okay, rant off, too long of a post...

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