Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stop it, stop it NOW

Yanno what? The loony right has finally come full circle and have met the loony left. I blame Ron Paul, but, hey, it isn't just him, there are plenty of nuts to go around. The tea parties were a great idea, then they get reported by a leftist media, and I find people defending the nuts that the media pointed out. Wouldn't it be better to simply say, "yeah, a few nuts showed up, but they do not represent our party?" When pushed we then mention ANSWER and CODE PINK, the loons that try to take over left-wing protests. Some of those left-wingers have brains and are not as extreme as the groups I mentioned, really, they are just misguided, or misinformed, that is all, not truly evil like ANSWER.

So relax people, we will win with a sane message, we need to stop yellign about Gold standards and civil war, we need to firmly point out the socialist agenda of this administration, and we need to do so in a way that does not cause the eyes of the apathetic to glaze over, again.

Talk to people who do not vote, don't scream at them, just explain how the policies of Mr. Obama are going to ruin the nation if allowed to become entrenched. Leave out baloney about birth certificates, leave out baloney about imaginary Homeland Security officers coming after people based on political persauasion, and stay away feom anything remotely associated with the end of the world. If you beleive that stuff, great, but keep it to yourself, don't try to sell it to the middle, they are not buying, and if they sit out again, we are headed for socialism, which is much worse than a President with shady documentation.

Stay on point, stay focused people, it is time to take the country back, to help sane representatives represent, but it is also time to remove the ones who are not there for us, time to vote the bums out, not matter what party, no matter how much moneyt they have broguht home!

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