Saturday, November 29, 2008

Differing Views or propaganda?

Israel kills Palestinian

One version of the story, from the Arab News, the English language mouth piece of the Saudi Royal family. This version admits that the Israel story is a little different, that the Palistinians had opened fire on the IDF when they were caught setting a bomb. Considering this next story, who do you really believe?

According to the Israeli military, Palestinian militants fired a total of 11 mortars at southern Israel from Gaza on Friday. Three of them landed at the base, the IDF said.

So, the terrorists that found legitimacy with leftists the world over are still trying to kill civilians in Israel, and then they whine when the border crossings are closed (with no mention that the border is closed with Egypt as well. Oh, and those rockets that are being fired, well they tend to injure people, and, surprise, they land “…near a fuel terminal that supplies much-needed gasoline and cooking fuel to the impoverished Gaza Strip.”

If they can interrupt the fuel, they can have more kids standing around with candles for the leftists cry over.

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