Friday, November 14, 2008

President Elect

So I am sure that some readers of this blog (haha) are thinking that I am wallow deep in a depression over the socialist being elected President. Nah, I am disappointed with the lack of thought evident in the choice, but hey, we survived Mr. Carter, we will survive Mr. Obama. He will be my president, I am not like the left, I don't whine about losing. Now, that being said, there is a strong push for conservatives to dump the members of the Republican party who oppose abortion, who are deeply religious, or who are against Gay Marriage. This confuses me. The Democrats nominated someone who pandered to the extreme left, who was elected by the extreme left, and will try to reward the extreme left. We conservatives need to ensure this does not happen, we need to realize that even though California was overwhelmingly for Sen. Obama, proposition 8, banning gay marriage, passed. On many ballots across this great county, liberal ideas were shot down even as the voters pulled the lever for the socialist for President. We do not need to ignore the solidly right-wing, we just need to present our ideas in a way that they understand that all or nothing campaigns lead to losses.

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