Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving: the REAL history

Wow...the first time I used SHARE THIS, and it worked! this is a great read, check it out...

Thanksgiving: the REAL history

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Thinking Man said...

My friend, I thank you very much for the compliment you pay me in linking back to my Thanksgiving article. I thank you also for your excellent comment beneath that same post.

Just incidentally, my brother Joe is a journeyman stonemason - he's been at it for almost thirty years now - down in Vail, and I must say I've always envied the work you folks do. "He who works in stone seeks to alter the shape of the universe." Out of curiosity, have you ever read the play The Stonemason, by Cormac McCarthy? It's not bad: a little slow-moving and a little esoteric in an almost religious way, but I personally liked it.

Thank you again.

Keep on keeping on.