Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow…before Thanksgiving

Here I am, over 40, lived in PA all my life, and while I am sure that this has happened before, I sure do not remember it. November 21, 2008, and there is snow on the ground with more falling. The very first time I heard the phrase Global Warming, I scoffed and began to explain to my then toddler children, and anyone that would not (could not) escape that the whole thing was a farce. I explained the need for all movements to need a doomsday scenario or people wouldn't join, I explained that there just was not enough power being created to change a system s larger as that in which we live and I pointed out that the first Earth Day was based on stopping a man-made Ice-age. All of it crap, all of it lies, and this most recent spate of alarmism is of the most disgusting type. This was all created so one mancould become a much richer man. Al Gore makes more money from this than he took from the monks, even more than President Elect Obama illeagely took for his campaign, after going ack on a promise to limit fund-raising of course. Here are the links"


"In other words, he 'buys' his 'carbon offsets' from himself, through a transaction designed to boost his own investments and return a profit to himself," Hobbs writes. "To be blunt, Gore doesn't buy 'carbon offsets' through Generation Investment Management – he buys stocks."

Monk stuff…


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