Saturday, June 30, 2012

Off the cuff rant

I am not in the mood to research this, really, I am not. For instance, I know off the top of my head that when someone in a presidential administration is found in contempt by Congress, normally the DOJ does NOT prosecute. Google it. Many times in my life this has happened. Heck, I do believe there were contempt charges in the dastardly firing of prosecutors by the Bush Administration.

And there is the freaking rub.

Bush politically (as did most of his predecessors) fired some prosecutors. No one died because of his actions. The fall out was purely political and the firing was purely political. Politics suck.

In this case, two Americans are dead (Brian Terry, and Jamie Zapata).  Okay, I felt their memories deserved a little research. And hundreds of Mexican's are dead as well, some of them-GASP-women and children.

Doesn't it make you wonder why the Democrats don't give a rip about people when it suits them? At least we cold hearted republicans admit we want to execute criminals and use enhanced interrogation techniques. We want to be able to use deadly force to protect ourselves and those we love. Not the Democrats, the only killing they admit they like is the newly conceived.  Other than that they claim to love human lives.

Why do the facts not bear this out?  Ruby Ridge, wasn't that a Democrat? Waco? How about that Cuban kid...oh, one died. Sorry.  Now again, dead people, dead Americans, and the Dems are crowing about the fact that the DOJ is not going to cooperate with Congress, going as far as claiming executive privilege. And claiming that this proves there is no THERE there. Huh? If there is nothing in the documents, release them already.

Let's get this straight:
1. Panties on the head = calls for impeachment
2. Dead border patrol and ICE agents = a win for democrats against those cold, nazi-like repukes.

C'mon, comment folks, it's why I have a blog. I will not block your comment. Prove me wrong, show me where this is about something other than covering up the Presidents knowledge of the death of Brian Terry and how it was linked to Fast and Furious. Don't bring up the Bush admin, I know they had a similar program, but they were able to track the weapons it seems, and none of them were used to kill Federal Agents.

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