Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's tough being an Anarchist in America

The title is stolen from "Pippi Bongstocking" (stolen as well), who is actually Thislte, who was bummed that the Walker recall failed.
My embedding here of this video is laziness, to be sure, but also to point something out. She seems to understand that we own the government, not the other way around, but supported the union sponsored recall that would have increased the size and power of the government.
People are tired, Thistle, of paying for other people. It boils down to that. Those of us who work for a living are tired of supporting those who don't. Did the public sector unions get caught up in the fight? Sure they did, they are the face of the entitlement mentality, especially since anyone who calls for welfare to be slashed is labeled racist. Funny, though, Thistle isn't a racist but she mentions 'black women and babies on welfare'.

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