Sunday, July 1, 2012

I love Auctions

This one was run by Paisley Auctions and was a bunch of stuff from a local fire house that is moving. I buy junk. It's what I do. Box lots of junk. Or tables full of stuff.
So I am listening to my better half this time and using what I buy or selling it on Craigslist or donating it to a needy something or other.
I bought a 30 cup coffee maker.

So I made 24 cups of coffee to make sure it worked (don't worry, it was half and half). It worked! Now I had coffee to drink, but it's hot. Wait...I bought a bar blender! If I fill the blender with ice, and add some cream...oh, this could work.
A coffee slushy! needs something else...oh, right, sugar!
Now, add coffee, plug in the blender and flip the switch. It works, thank goodness. And the result:
Yummy, frothy, slushy, coffee goodness! Now, what can I do with that 14 inch butcher knife?

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Stonemason said...

The darn thing claims to have posted at 5am but that is a lie, I had to post it myself later in the day, much later.

Odd that.