Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No Links Needed

I am not going to link the articles, we all know that the President has used the power of executive order to try to grant amnesty to so-called 'dreamers'. These are those who were brought to this country illegally as children (up to the age of 16, another debate altogether), and so far have been upstanding citizens and are either attending school or are planning on joining the military.
Here is the shock for y'all, other than the insane amount of paperwork and overtime for already stressed federal workers (lol), I agree with the premise.
One caveat however; if an illegal alien fills out the paperwork and does not qualify for the program that illegal alien is immediately deported along with the rest of his family. (I use his to mean both genders, like 'actor', so I am clean there). And if they do indeed qualify, they pay out of state tuition, because they have proven to not be legal residents of the state in which they reside (until the amnesty thing kicks in of course
This caveat would make this a bill that would pass both the House and Senate, right? Great compromise, right?
It'll never happen, just like the executive order will never come to fruition, it's unfunded, and impossible to enact.
Pure politics, as usual, from the Constant Campaigner in Chief, a the expense of some hardworking kids who could benefit from the program.

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