Saturday, June 16, 2012

People (deleted)

Cynical this morning. Why must some people be rude? Why do people pull into a grass parking area, after being waved by 4 flags and then completely ignore the 5th one? Why do people think they are the last to arrive, no one else needs to park, so they'll just let the kids run in circles around the car and put all their stuff where the next car needs to go? Why do people who will park in a mall parking lot think that it makes sense to leave 15 feet between their car and the next one, ignoring the person trying to help?

And yes. Those volunteers with the flags are trying to help get as many people parked as quickly as possible, as safely as possible. We are not going to park you in, we are not going to let your car get scratched, we leave that other lot clear for the handicapped, and that spot? that's for the huge truck that needs to turn around, but sure, if you want your Escalade wrecked, go ahead and park there because I am done caring about you and your entitlement mentality.

I'll simply smile and move on to the next 200 cars who will treat me like crap for the next two hours.

So be warned, if you ignore me today and park in a spot that you think you deserve, I am not going to change the overall system. If that means you get parked in, so be it.

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