Sunday, December 4, 2011

posting to post

Tired, sore, and needing to get this out of the way. It has been suggested that I use this space for fiction, I am not real sure about that. I think I would have to create a new space for fiction. Then I think that creating a new space is a cop out. Then I realized that this space is my space and I can do anything I want. There are very few readers anyway, and those who come here do so because they like the way I write, not so much for the content. This I have been told, along with the fact that some of my posts have helped people see political things in a different way.
Fiction is fun for me, Poetry is a passion. Perhaps I can play with that here as suggested, and then, perhaps I can just keep positing about posting.
And politics, I will never give up on the politics, next year will prove to be a very important one in the United States, and we are voting for our lives.

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