Monday, December 5, 2011

Free Thought and Hate

A long time ago I wrote a letter to the local taking to task a journalist that used loaded derogatory terms to describe a group who wanted to march in Valley Forge Park. The language may have been legitimate, most people who are members of the KKK are probably bigots and racists, but to dismiss the entire group with that language does a disservice to open communication.
The same goes for the Free Thought Society. They like to use disparaging language when talking about religion and those who are religious. Right now they are whining about not being able to glom on to the religious Christmas Holiday. Yes, I know that the date was picked for political reasons, but after hundreds of years I think we can safely say the tradition is set, and widely accepted.
It would be nice if those who call for free thought allowed others to think in a manner different from the free thinkers, wouldn't it? Trying to silence Christians, or, trying to distract people during a traditional religious time is not free thought, it is bordering on censorship. And that is the goal of these free thinkers, we all know that, and so do they. Remove all language and thought that does not tow their line...

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