Saturday, December 3, 2011


Life, they say it's what happens when we are making plans. I say that sometimes, the plan making is part of life. Perhaps spending an hour or two with local residents, planning the future of a great piece of open space could be considered life. It is never just the business meeting, it is the other discussions, the fact that many feel comfortable enough to bring kids along, and the fact that West Bradford is one of the best places I have ever lived.
The Embreeville complex is going to be sold, one way or another, and if West Bradford is going to continue to enjoy recreation down there we had better step up now. Sure, our lease is not up, sure, all the plans show WBYA expanding, but what happens if something falls through? Are we prepared to scramble for fields? This is why one of the participants this morning was dead on when he said the plateau was the first item of business. We can deal with the Indian Hannah area, that seems simple, but we need to plan now for utilizing the open space that exists right now on the property.
The homes of Tattersall would love us if we kept it open (yes, soccer, lacrosse, baseball and maybe rugby fields are open space), and even though it is probably a desirable section of the property, I think we can make great use of the space.
Now it is a matter of selling the idea to the Township and the state, all while keeping our lease on the rest of the fields.  The plateau is a perfect area for expansion, WBYA is expanding, and the Township needs to find a valid reason to buy the whole parcel.

The plateau is above the parking lot shown in this view.
Something new to obsess over!

Nice link for Ryan Blvd, Coatesville PA

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