Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Climate Gate 2 (again)


The best collection so far, showing context, showing how the lies have been pushed. Now, the 'cause' might be important, to them at least, but still, the ends do not justify the means. Mann and Jones are complicit in this, and I can't swear it is about the money, but that money sure didn't hurt. It is the 'cause' that bothers me though, the thought that by destroying the economies of 1st world nations and never allowing 3rd world to pull themselves up out of poverty.
All one needs to understand is that humans are insignificant. We mean nothing in the grand scheme of things but 'progressives' just can't handle that. They have to be in charge, they have to have have control over everything and everybody. Think of the list, it runs from fat and sugar to where we can smoke!
Then think about Keppler 22b. This is a planet that could support the same type of life we have here. And it is 600 light years away.
Yeah, 600 light years.

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