Sunday, December 19, 2010

They'll just write themselves

In the coming months and years, blog posts will be simple. Just Link to an article from, oh, 2000 or so, and then link to the current weather report. (I know, when a realist mentions weather, it isn't climate, but when an AGW religionists mentions weather, it's proof). So, for today, how about a breathless article warning the kids of 2000 that there will most likely never, ever, be snow in England again. 2010 was the date when the oceans were going to flood Philly too (I kid). Has anyone noticed the weather in England? Last year too? The earth is huge, massive, bigger than a human can comprehend, and we silly humans think we can affect it? We can't, we don't, and even if we did, the earth DOES NOT FREAKING CARE. Humans will survive, animals will survive and the planet will survive.

Get over yourselves people, please.

And before...oh, never mind, no one is going to comment on this...

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