Tuesday, December 21, 2010

He just doesn't get it

People can't seem to understand that no matter how much they try, they can't force their own morals, thoughts, ideas, on others. A private organization is permitted to set rules, and the Boy Scouts of America does just that. I do not agree with the anti-atheism clause, for the record, but do agree with the no-gay-leaders clause. Notice, it does not say no gay scouts, it says no gay leaders...there is a difference.

Now, in Philly, the city wasted millions to try to kick the scouts out, they lost, and the settlement is to sell the land on which the scouts built a headquarters to them. In steps a well meaning (oh, bull-crap, he's not well meaning, he's hateful to a group he disagrees with) philanthropist to try to buy the building and land out from underneath the organization.

I have no problem with discussing this issue with people, and will debate the points readily, what I can not stand is assuming the Scouts 'discriminate' against gay leaders due to some moral code only. Sure, some of it is morally based, nothing wrong with that, either, but the rest is simple reality.

Now, disagree with me, disagree with the scouts, but you can't honestly disagree with the number of incredible well adjusted citizens that come out of the organization. In a world where the First Lady is pushing anti-obesity, this guy is trying to hurt an organization that teaches how to be 'physically fit'.

Let the scouts be scouts, don't enroll your kids if you disagree with their message, but don't shut them down if you disagree...

Exit question: What would be the discussion if this guy went to New York City and tried to buy the location where the Cordoba House Muslim Community center is going to be built? Homosexuality is a crime punishable by death in most Muslim countries...

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