Tuesday, December 14, 2010


It amazes me; whenever I think that humans have reached the peak of arrogance, another one pops up and proves me wrong. Take Joe Brimmeier of the PA Turnpike Commission who recently opined: "Why go to the expense of printing these things when most people don't even look at them?"

He was referring to the little cards we get when we use the PA TPKE, or, those of us that don't use it often enough to justify the easy pass contraption. I look at it as soon as I safely can, or, much preferably, and if possible, I have a passenger look at the ticket so we can have the money ready at the other end of the journey. This was standard, and still is for more than 1/3 of the drivers on the road (according to the linked article).

Just because those of you with easy pass have know idea what you are paying does not mean that the rest of us don't want to know. I want the option of getting off at Morgantown instead of Downingtown if I don't have enough money for the toll, I want to jump off at Harrisburg West instead of Carlisle if the difference is big enough, and don't even talk to me about the funky pricing between KOP and the NJ TPKE.

If the commission is printing such an overabundance of cards, maybe that should be looked at, not inconveniencing the travelers.

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