Monday, December 6, 2010

Shut up and play

Nils Lofgren, admittedly a talented musician, has decided that Michael Vick shouldn't be allowed to play professional football because he killed a dog or three.

I know I am not going to be the only one to take Nils to task for this, but I wanted to add to the chorus. I googled his name plus ray lewis, no speech. I googled his name plus donte stallworth, no speech. There are other NFL player who are involved in the deaths of humans as well, but I am not going to bother, I know Nils didn't speechify over them. (Lewis was found not-guilty, Stallworth was drunk when he killed a guy).

Back to google, this time Nils Lofgren and Roman Polanski...nope, nothing about the rapist continuing to make movies.

How about Nils talking about drug abuse...nope, I guess that is cool with him too, along with alcohol...much bigger killers of humans that Michael Vick was of dogs.

The man did his time, he is out, he is now working, do I think he should be allowed to own a fire arm? football? Yup.

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