Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Not Local, again

I know, I promised more local stuff, and I will do one later tonight, but first, two things I need to get off my chest.

On the ride in to work I was listening to NPR (no commercials), and heard something to this effect from a re-broadcast of one of the afternoon shows: Americans want both lower taxes and those healthy benefits too...I paraphrased.
Yup, this is true, but to most who only listen to the surface, this is describing the same human being, someone who wants stuff and does not want to pay for it making the heads of liberals explode. Think for a minute though that there are really two sides to this statement. The side that pays taxes and does not get welfare and the side that gets benefits and pays nothing (for three generations now, going on four). The ones screaming for higher taxes don't pay taxes, the ones screaming for lower taxes...you get the picture. A person working hard, paying taxes, isn't taking welfare to live, a person taking welfare to live isn't paying taxes...do I need to repeat it?
Democrats and liberals can keep pushing this class warfare, they are going to lose because as soon as someone gets a job and grows up, they vote to lower taxes.

The second thing is a continuation of the climate fraud. At work I listen to the BBC on Sirius, good world news, left slanted, hard left. They have been breathlessly following the insanity in Cancun and doing little clips about how horrible it is to be alive right now as the climate is beginning to kill us all...reallly, Google 'climate connection'. Anyway, tonight they talked to people from a town in Mali, and blamed climate change for the sand dune that is about to swallow the town. Did the BBC explain that Mali is located in the Sahara Desert? Of course not, that would be too many words for the story, right, not necessary information.
The real chuckle came midway through though, I think this was possibly a live report because they were interviewing a man who complained, "Every time we plant a tree to stop the dune, 5 more are cut down for firewood." So it's not the climate that is allowing the dune to advance, it is the normal shifting of sands, something that has happened for millions of years, something people have dealt with by simply moving away.

I hate to say it, but there are too many people being propped up by misguided altruism. Both issues in this post point that out, but to say it out loud...I am in for it...

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