Monday, December 6, 2010


So back in the mid 1970's I was taught in school that all the horrible things that we humans had done to the planet were causing a new ice age. Then, miraculously, when that didn't pan out, we were told that we were causing the planet to heat up. Now that that is not panning out for the alarmist, they are simply calling it 'climate change'.

I told my kids when the Mr. Gore went nuts to remember this, to relax, to be sensible about energy use, to never litter, to care for the environment, but not to buy into any alarmist bunk. I told them that by 2020 the next ice age would be upon us, everyone was going to freeze, 'billions would die!!!!!111!!!!!" (to steal a phrase from a bigot).

What does disturb me though is the number of people who fell for the hoax this time...I know that scientists can be persuasive, but the one screaming the loudest (Hansen) was the one who started the ice age crap in the '70's...that should have awakened people.

Okay, the reason? To belong to a group, a group that knows the 'right thing', that has the solution, and that can change the world. Sound familiar? We Christians have belonged to a similar group for over 2000 years, Jews much longer than that, and Muslims about 400 years less. Other religions exist as well, older and younger, all of them promising to explain life and to help change the world.
God is pretty interesting, huh? To allow the secularists to create (pun intended) a religion all their own, one with all the trappings of a 'real' religion, and one that if followed correctly would help many people and change the world. But, as with all organized groups, sometimes money and power take surely did with the religion of AGW. Just read the stuff coming out of the Cancun summit about destroying economies and (check page 6) "relocating human settlements."

It was never about saving people, it was about power.

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