Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Location, Location, Location

Much ado about nothing, really. It seems that one of the Downingtown Council members is upset that the Christmas Party is going to be held at the D'town Country Club instead of St. Anthony's due to 'scheduling' conflicts. I read that to be 'money', but I am cynical. The comments tell the real story though, it seems as if the complaining council member connected the golf club to the attempt to build on Kardon Park (not real up on that one, I admit) and she is also active in/leader of? Friends of Kardon Park. Hmmm...it was nice to see 38 comments on the story, active members of Downingtown!

Oh, as an aside, y'all need to kick Bob Smith out when his term is up, he feels that as elected official he should attend for free...get over yourself Bob.

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