Sunday, November 7, 2010

Interesting look at the world

For fun, and because I needed something to point to when I get the crap from a lib-prog-demo-soc-com What are they? The following are the top 10 countries by GDP per capita. (GDP divided by population, using the PPP method, which takes into account the Purchasing Power Parity).
The year is 2003.
Luxembourg---Constitutional Monarchy
United States---Constitution based Federal Republic-Democracy
Norway---Constitutional Monarchy
Liechtenstein---Constitutional Monarchy
Channel Islands---Parliamentary
Switzerland---Federal Republic
Denmark---Constitutional Monarchy
Ireland---Republic-Parliamentary Democracy
Iceland---Constitutional Monarchy

The Bottom ten are as follows, from worst up:
Sierra Leone---Constitutional Democracy
Malawi---Multi-party Democracy
Congo Dem. Rep.---Republic
Ethiopia---Federal Republic

Okay, I got the GDP numbers here and the types of government here, where one can also check that I did not make up the definitions I am about to discuss.

First and foremost, the one glaring omission between the two lists is the word CONSTITUTION! A document that holds governments accountable to the people. Governments do indeed lead to economic wealth, the more free the government, the more wealth...Look at the top ten, see France? Venezuela? Spain? Greece? Nope, those are progressive countries, with governments that tax and tax and tax to support a welfare state. Yup, there are some of those in the top ten as well, but most of the top are freedom loving places....

So that was fun, we inferred that not having a constitution allows a government to over regulate, or to become so corrupt as to kill any economic growth.

Big jump really, I should have picked a few countries and compared, like the two Communist countries that fall at 118 for China but Cuba is not on the list...hmmm, no reported numbers perhaps?

My point is that progressive policies that lead to socialism or communism has been tried, it fails, every time.

Oh, France sits at 22, Greece at 41, and the socialist paradise that is Venezuela comes in at 124, lower than China!

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